Monotropa uniflora

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small waxy white or pinkish-white saprophytic woodland plant having scalelike leaves and a nodding flower

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obtusa HENOO 0.03 (0.02) -- Hydrastis canadensis HYCA 0.05 (0.05) -- Lindera benzoin LIBE3 1.02 (0.58)a 0.17 (0.09)a Mitchella repens MIRE 0.09 (0.07)a 0.02 (0.02)a Monotropa uniflora MOUN3 0.03 (0.02)a 0.05 (0.03)a Galearis spectabilis GASP5 0.02 (0.02) -- Osmorhiza claytoni OSCL 0.52 (0.19)a 0.11 (0.07)a Dichanthelium boscii DIBO2 -- 0.03 (0.02) Dichanthelium commutatum DICO2 -- 0.13 (0.09) Dichanthelium dichotomum var.
Some species of plants, like the forest wildflower Indian pipe (Monotropa uniflora), obtain food not by photosynthesis but from mycorrhizae attached to a nearby tree--the tree feeds the fungus, and the fungus feeds the Indian pipe.
Confirmatory, Hirce and Finocchio (1972) also recorded reduced phloem tissue for the likewise myco-heterotrophic Monotropa uniflora.
rigida-hardwood stands, with few herbs, notably Monotropa uniflora, Lycopodium complanatum/tristachyum, and Pteridium aquilinum.
Systematic relationships of Monotropa uniflora (Ericaceae) inferred from large ribosomal subunit (26S) rRNA gene sequences.