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Skryabin, "Polymorphism of sequences and the secondary structure of b/c intron of mitochondrial gene nad1 in Monotropa hypopitys and related Ericaceae species," Biology Bulletin, vol.
One of these is pinesap (Hypopitys monotropa), a close relative of Indian pipe.
Taxon Voucher/Accession Ingroup Subfamily Monotropoideae Tribe Monotropeae Monotropa hypopihtys L.
18), and some Monotropeae (Pityopus, Pleuricospora, Monotropa), separate petals (or tepals) have evolved several times from sympetalous ancestors.
Confirmatory, Hirce and Finocchio (1972) also recorded reduced phloem tissue for the likewise myco-heterotrophic Monotropa uniflora.
A series of experiments showed beyond all doubt that Monotropa hypopitys obtains its carbohydrates from a fungus.
Among other herb taxa exhibiting trends in some of the stands, the following were particularly prominent: (1) Monotropa uniflora L, was not observed in any of the plots during the first two years, and in subsequent years it appeared in the control and nutrient-depletion plots (six of the former and four of the latter) but not in any of the fertilized plots; (2) there was a strong trend of increasing frequency of Lycopodium sp.
hybrida: 1 en 1 y + en 2; Asplenium trichomanes: r en 16 y + en 23; Cardamine hirsuta: + en 4; Carex pilulifera: + en 2 y r en 18; Chrysosplenium oppositifolium: r en 2; Crataegus monogyna: + en 19; Cystopteris fragilis: + en 23; Epilobium sp.: r en 11 y + en 23; Erica arborea: + en 1 y 1 en 3; Frangula agnus: + en 19; Genista florida: r en 11; Hieracium umbellatum: r en 12; Lastrea limbosperma: + en 15; Luzula sp.: + en 23; Malus sylvestris: 1 en 25; Meconopsis cambrica: 1 en 4; Monotropa hypopytis: + en 13; Myosotis lamottiana: r en 4 y r en 23; Pimpinella major: + en 19; Polygonatum odoratum: 1 en 6 y + en 16; Sambucus nigra: 1 en 22; Silene dioica: + en 4 y r en 8; Umbilicus rupestres: + en 14 y r en 22; Urtica dioica: + en 4 y r en 22; Valeriana pyrenaica: + en 22.
The systematic significance of color variation in Monotropa hypopitys (Ericaceae) inferred from large ribosomal subunit (26S) rRNA sequences.
Monotropa uniflora L.; Indian Pipe; Woods north of Nature Center; Rare; (#); C = 7; BSUH 13896.
There are no pollination studies for the neotropical species of Pieris, nor for the species of Monotropoideae (Monotropa, Pterospora) or Pyroloideae (Chimaphila, Orthilia, Pyrola ), but their temperate counterparts are all entomophilous, and this is probably true in neotropical members as well.