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of a sequence or function



sounded or spoken in a tone unvarying in pitch

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Therefore, the standard monotonicity property requires
The neutrosophic opening satisfies the monotonicity [for all]A,B [member of] NC([Z.
In coalition formation theory, a comparison relation should satisfy the conditions of transitivity and monotonicity.
A notable consequence, which will be explored in the next section, is that the regulated output may be incentive compatible even if standard monotonicity [bar.
Hence, the same monotonicity applies to the optimal solution [L.
In this paper, we are concerned with the the relation between the positivity of the vth order nabla q-fractional difference and the monotonicity and convexity of f (t).
In 2003, Fang and Huang [4] introduced a new concept of relaxed [eta]-[alpha] monotonicity and obtained the existence of solution for variational-like inequalities in reflexive Banach spaces.
In [2, 3], the authors discussed the monotonicity and logarithmic convexity properties of the one-parameter mean [J.
However, it suffers from the disadvantages first noticed by Sen (1976) in the unidimensional context, namely being insensitive to the depth and distribution of poverty, violating monotonicity and the transfer axiom.
First, we assume strong monotonicity of the social wealth function, which suppresses the need to explicitly treat prices in analysing wealth in Malthus's critique of Smith.
Markov [11] and Stieltjes [16] were the first who studied the monotonicity of zeros of a parameter-dependent sequence of OPRL as functions of the involved parameter.
A risk measure is coherent if and only if it satisfies all four of these conditions: translation invariance, homogeneity, monotonicity, and subadditivity [Artzner et al.
Here, the notions of adaptive monotonicity and adaptive submodularity reduce to the classical notion of monotonicity and submodularity for set functions, which have been extensively studied in economics, operations research, theoretical computer science and other fields.