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the theological doctrine that Christ had only one will even though he had two natures (human and divine)

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(6) At the high point of the polemics with the Monothelites in 642-643, Maximus sent Peter the 12th of his Opuscula theologica et polemica (Migne, PG 91.141A-146A), in which he explained how to treat Pyrrhus, the ex-patriarch of Constantinople who had been exiled to the Northern Africa.
Under the influence of the same Sergius, the next period in the unionist politics of Heraclius and his collaborators began in 638, when the Emperor published the Monothelite Ekthesis.9
This thesis will be clearer if one compares some particular features of the Monothelite teaching (which became official doctrine in Constantinople and a basis for the union with the Monophysites) with some important features of Islamic teaching.
Regardless of how this question is solved from a viewpoint of the conjectured influence of Christian and Christian-Jewish sects in Arabia or of the possible influence of the Jews on the formation of early Islam, one may state that Islam (which put a prophet, i.e., a human being, in the center of the God-man relations) appeared as a radical antipode to Monothelite Christianity (which essentially undermined the basis of the teaching on the acceptance by God the Logos of a human nature).