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On the contrary, many shared their churches with fellow monotheists, when no mosques existed.
This is not to say that the popes are secretly pagans: they are monotheists to the core.
Indeed, Al-Khalil Ibrahim, the sheikh of the monotheists and the best of the messengers and the grandfather of the last prophet came to Egypt with his wife Sarah and married the Egyptian Hajar.
Proximity was of the essence in divine/ human relations in this first period, for the Greeks as well as the monotheists.
Modalists (note Sabellius) were strong monotheists who believed God was one person who could he seen by believers in three different ways or modes: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Majority of Pakistanis see Hindus as polytheists and majority Hindus see all Pakistanis as extremists while both these concepts are wrong, Indians are monotheists and not all Pakistanis are extremists," The News quoted Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, as saying.
Their topics include some preliminary considerations and data, religious symbolism and moral distinctiveness, Biblical and post-metaphysical views on the ethics of creation, Al-Gazali's ethical egoism and divine will, finding common ground among monotheists in bioethics, and Protestant bioethics and the new reproductive technologies.
In this way, Moyn disregards the "human universalisms" of the Greeks and monotheists.
Among the core principles which are concerned by al-Shaykh 'Abd al-Rahman al-Sa'di is the monotheistic belief, heaven and hell, great sinner among monotheists, faith and companions.
Tibi takes pride in the historical fact that after dogmatic Christian monotheists had suppressed pre-Christian scientific inquiry, Aristotle's ideas for a time survived only amongst Arab scholars, and that it was from Arabic books that these were eventually reintroduced to Europe.
The God of the Koran is mythical to Christians and the Gods of Hinduism are myths to monotheists," Roehr said.
This tolerance is limited to monotheists and recipients of what Islam recognizes as a revelation.
I have never wished to be in Gaza, but now I wish to be a bomb fired by the monotheists or a car bomb that takes the lives of the biggest number of Jews to hell.
Students of global geopolitics will identify with key themes of the last 10 years; environmental activists will hail it as their rallying call; animists will be surprised to find a common ground to stand on with monotheists.
This audacious syncretism scandalized the custodians of Judaism in Jesus' day, and it scandalizes non-Christian monotheists still.