reflex arc

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the neural path of a reflex

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H reflex, analogous to monosynaptic reflex, is inhibited by stimulation of low threshold group Ia fibers from antagonistic muscles, both in pretibial muscles (physiological flexors) and triceps surae muscles (physiological extensors) (Fig.
The patella tendon reflex is a monosynaptic reflex that included 1a-afferent and an alpha-motorneuron, and should be the best mechanism to study the sensitivity of the muscle spindles.
Kellerth, "A physiological study of the monosynaptic reflex responses of cat spinal a-motoneurons after partial lumbosacral deafferentation," Brain Research, vol.
The monosynaptic reflex: a tool to investigate motor control in humans.
The soleus H reflex has been used as a tool for assessing monosynaptic reflex excitability in humans during both rest and voluntary activity [1].