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Synonyms for monopoly

exclusive control or possession


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(economics) a market in which there are many buyers but only one seller

exclusive control or possession of something

a board game in which players try to gain a monopoly on real estate as pieces advance around the board according to the throw of a die

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This special section of The American Prospect highlights several sectors where monopoly power has run amok, and seeks to understand how these markets went awry and what we can do about it.
In the pages of "Mythologies of State and Monopoly Power" he has provided a seminal study that will be an enduringly valued contribution to the field of legal studies.
This ambiguity over the meaning of "monopoly" and its attendant legal and policy implications cashes out also in legal and economic discourse over the sources of monopoly power. A neo-classical economic view, today associated with Chicago School ideology, holds that markets are contestable and that any monopoly power gained through anticompetitive means is quickly eroded, but with one important exception: governmentally created entry barriers.
So, in contrast to the antitrust policy of the past, what is needed today is an approach to monopoly power that relies on policy, which is both subtle and complex.
They have achieved monopoly power while also competing against one another.
(4) The Court held that Mylan failed to show that Mayne and Warner had monopoly power over this type of drug and that their conduct was anticompetitive.
The price increase cap is the only real protection that mailers have from abuse of the Postal Service's monopoly power. The USPS has a monopoly over many classes of mail and exclusive use of the nation's mailboxes, and its monopoly pricing power still requires regulatory oversight.
The entrance of a major new competitor on the French residential power market will be another blow to former monopoly power vendor EDF, which is seeing its margins slide as new players win customers with sharply priced offers.
There was Hillary Clinton, in a speech given earlier that day in Toledo, linking Donald Trump's tax code manipulations and other examples of corporate abuse--big banks creating phony customer accounts, Big Pharma jacking up drug prices--to a broader critique of growing corporate monopoly power. That power, Clinton said, "threatens business of all sizes, as well as consumers.
The consent decrees have been in place since 1941 to curb the PROs monopoly power since they control licensing of some 90% of composed music; ASCAP and BMI had sought the right to withdraw digital licensing from the blanket licenses they offer.
Our approach offers a process for allowing industry players to evolve, new entrepreneurs to disrupt the status quo, and monopoly power to be quickly addressed without counterproductive governmental constraints on innovation.
If the deal went through, the fishermen said, it would give Pacific Seafood unprecedented monopoly power over the groundfish, whiting and coldwater shrimp markets.
Health plans have historically held monopoly power by controlling the offerings that companies provide to their employees.
Second, when and why did we stop worrying about monopoly power?
Mr Davey wrote: "Clearly you will wish to consider whether this is prima facie evidence of an issue in the market and so whether it merits a market investigation reference with the whole gamut of potential remedies that could follow including a break up of any companies found to have monopoly power to the detriment of the consumer."