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exclusive control or possession


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(economics) a market in which there are many buyers but only one seller

exclusive control or possession of something

a board game in which players try to gain a monopoly on real estate as pieces advance around the board according to the throw of a die

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He had happened upon one of those delightful friendships without any suspicion of sex in them of which the American girl had the monopoly. Yes, that must be it.
Stock companies whose paper capital totalled more than $500,000,000 were organized to break it down; and from first to last the success of the telephone was based much less upon the monopoly of patents than upon the building up of a well organized business.
Astor should he be able to carry his scheme into effect; but they anticipated a monopoly of the trade beyond the mountains by their establishments in New Caledonia, and were loth to share it with an individual who had already proved a formidable competitor in the Atlantic trade.
They add specifics to law enforcement procedures and reinforce supervision in handling monopoly cases, said State Administration for Market Regulation Anti-Monopoly Chief Wu Zhenguo.
There are more than 100 shopping days left until Christmas - but just 75 days until Shrewsbury Monopoly hits the town.
Monopoly players will soon be able to roll seven with their dice and land on a Midlands hospice.
IRELAND is "very likely" to create a monopoly on rural broadband, it was claimed yesterday.
by Times News Service The sectoral engagements aim to introduce the Competition Protection and Monopoly Prevention Law in Oman.
PCC blocks URC-RHI deal over monopoly concerns !-- -- Louella Desiderio (The Philippine Star) - February 15, 2019 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines The Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) has blocked the planned acquisition by Universal Robina Corp.
Much of that coverage describes these organizations in derogatory terms like "big tech," "behemoths," "gatekeepers," "giants," "goldilocks," and "titans." The press also makes extensive use of the concept of "monopoly," which raises the question of whether the press representation of monopoly is in line with the socio-legal baseline enshrined in antitrust laws.
IF YOU are missing the Download festival, here is something to look at for Christmas - Download Monopoly.
Once again, they are at the center of controversy with a new game released by Hasbro (( HAS ) 6 Monopoly for Millennials.
District Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose, California sided with the Federal Trade Commission in its fight with Qualcomm (QCOM), which is accused of abusing a monopoly in chips for cell phones and raising costs for consumers, Bloomberg reports.