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relating to or having or hearing with only one ear

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A escolha da protese exige consideracoes cuidadosas em relacao ao modelo retroauricular (BTE), intra-auricular (ITE), intracanal (ITC) ou microcanal (CIC); ao tipo de adaptacao, monoaural ou binaural; tecnologia de amplificacao, analogica ou digital; e caracteristicas eletroacusticas, como ganho acustico, saida maxima e faixa de frequencia.
[40] Hansen, L.K., and Petersen, K.B.:(2003) Monoaural ICA of While Noise Mixture is Hard, Proc.
On the functional state of central vestibular structures in monoaural symptomatic tinnitus patients (BEAM-VbEP Study).
Products affected include monoaural VCRs, computer monitors, color TV tubes and various other video components.
It was used monoaural click stimulus rarefied at 80 dBHL of 100 ms duration with presentation rate of 5 stimuli/second, analysis time of 100 ms, acoustic filter of 10 to 100 Hz and amplification of 50,000 x.
It was also noted that the space where the jack used to be would be replaced by another speaker, but the entire unit would still be a "monoaural" system, instead of a stereo system.
Monoaural auditory stimulus consisting of rare faction clicks of 100 microseconds with intensities starting from 30 dB to 100 dB were delivered through electrically shielded earphones at a rate of 11.1/sec.
To take advantage of the booming combination TV/VCR market, Mitsubishi will be shipping two 20-inch models with a four-head monoaural VCR in October for $699.
Para a ATL, o LRF e o IPRF foi utilizado o audiometro clinico, de dois canais, da marca Fonix Hearing Evaluator, modelo FA 12 tipo I, e fones auriculares tipo TDH-39P, marca Telephonies, por meio do qual foram pesquisados os limiares de audicao de via aerea nas frequencias de 250 a 8000Hz, de forma monoaural. A tecnica utilizada foi descendente-ascendente, e o criterio de normalidade foi de limiares auditivos ate 25 dB NA, conforme a media tritonal (MTT) das frequencias de 500, 1000 e 2000 Hz [12].
It also features a monoaural microphone for audio recording.
However, these results did not undergo statistical treatment, since they reflect responses of different auditory patterns (monoaural = GIN, binaural = RGDT).