Mongoloid race

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Further study based on wider variety of sample selection of Indonesian mongoloid races is needed and this study can guide the development of total hip prosthesis for Indonesian population.
However, though Evenks [24], Mongol [23], and Manchu [25] tribes belong to Mongoloid race, they show hyperleptoprosopic or very narrow face to leptoprosopic face.
A 2011 study conducted by Madhu Chandra of North-East Support Center and Helpline (NESCH) describes this trend as "a reflection of India's caste practices and social system as the majority of North-East Indians come from Scheduled Castes and Tribes and ethnically Mongoloid race, which falls out of caste hierarchy."
The prevalence of these spots has been reported to be as high as 80-90% in neonates of mongoloid race. These spots have been observed in 3-10% of Caucasoids10.
The eastern region of India is dominated by the Mongoloid race.