Mongolic language

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a family of Altaic language spoken in Mongolia

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In Mongolic languages intervocalic g/[??] (which are not phonemically distinct) in many cases can be shown to come from an earlier bilabial, *p or *b.
The borrowing almost certainly would have come directly from a Mongolic language or languages, and a strong case can be made that it is Dagur (with co-influence from Khalkha Mongolian also possible).
In some Mongolic languages, the use of emphatic reduplication appears to be restricted largely to colors and a few physical attributes, as in Minhe Mangghue (Keith Slater and Wang Xianzheng, personal communication), Donbuyugu (Zhaona 1981: 28), and Dongxiang: (7) xulan `red' xu-xulan `thoroughly red' qara `black' qa-qara `extremely black' smni `new' sm-smni `extremely new'
Domestically, the challenges are as vast as its land, which is the 19th largest in the world (the size of Alaska), populated by just 2.9 million people who speak at least one of several Mongolic languages, as well as either Russian or Mandarin Chinese as inter-ethnic languages.
Revising her 2007 PhD dissertation at the University of Szeged, Hungary, Khabtagaeva explores the extent and nature of linguistic links between Mongolic languages and Tuvan, which has absorbed more influence from Mongolic than other archaic Turkic languages.
(43) However, Mongolic languages have i-umlaut as well.
Minhe Mangghuer: a mixed language of the Inner Asian frontier (China, Qinghai Province, Mongolic languages).