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a written order for the payment of a sum to a named individual

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Earlier, in September 2012, the electronic money order service was launched in 40 GPOs of the country and this service has been extended to some 83 GPOs of the country.
Sims presented the money orders to the clerk, and what happened next left him at a loss.
Palawin said the money orders with a total face value of $631,470 was mailed via FedEx courier on Oct.
Thieves are able to "wash" money orders in a way that removes the apartment community's name, allowing them to use the funds for other purposes.
The international express money orders are accepted and paid up in the on-line regime at any post office department, which handles money orders.
These services are, Electronic Money Order (eMO), Instant Money Order (iMO), Sale of Philatelic Stamps, Postal information, Tracking of Express and International Shipments, PIN Code Search and Registering of feed back and complaints.
Unable to track him down, they began to seek advice on how to get the money orders returned to their rightful owner.
Perhaps Nexus might reconsider this policy, and include the acceptance of over-the-counter cheques and money orders in their much vaunted "plans for the future", rather than adopt the usual complacent attitude that no one accepts cheques any more.
Needless to say, anyone attempting to make a purchase for fine art from a web-site needs to make it clear that they do not accept money orders, cashiers checks, checks of any kind.
An MSB is any business that offers money orders, traveler's checks, stored value, check cashing or currency dealing; conducts more than $1,000 in money services business activity with the same person, in one type of activity, on the same day; or provides money transfer services in any amount.
They will accept checks, cash, money orders or credit cards--but will not accept pledges.
A family accused of conspiring to smuggle cash and money orders from the US to Iran have been indicted on a federal conspiracy charge.
Currently, customers can conduct American Express ATM transactions, purchase Western Union money orders and money transfers, pay bills through Western Union's Quick Collect payment service and cash checks through Certegy Check Services.
So for Ed Morgan, treasurer of Mapco Express, a convenience store operator in the Southeast that does a heavy volume in money orders, an online system that allows for easy reconciliation of exception items has proven to be a big asset.
She purchases money orders to pay her bills and stashes her savings in a cookie jar.