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a written order for the payment of a sum to a named individual

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High on the target list of criminals, The system is designed to uncover "smurfs" -- agents of organized drug operations who "clean" illicit cash by purchasing money orders and other negotiable instruments.
Also, ACE offers money orders, small consumer loans, bill payment services and telecommunication services, including prepaid long distance and local phone service.
Mid-America Money Order Company ST: New Jersey, Kentucky IN: FIN SU: TNM
It brings Western Union Money Transfer service into more stores than ever before and gives us a very large and competitive money order contract.
The minute he presented his money orders to the clerk, Mr.
48,97,920 was misappropriated by the accused in fake money orders payments.
During the first nine months of the current Financial Year (July-March 2013-14) total 432,918 BISP Money Orders along with required funds for Rs.
Advise your residents to hand-deliver checks and money orders to trusted employees whenever possible and not to leave any part blank.
These services are, Electronic Money Order (eMO), Instant Money Order (iMO), Sale of Philatelic Stamps, Postal information, Tracking of Express and International Shipments, PIN Code Search and Registering of feed back and complaints.
The November 5 Boston Herald reported that two students from Snowden International School in Boston, Trinh Tat and Carlotta Feliciano, both 17, saw a man drop more than $1,000 worth of Money-Gram money orders near the Prudential Center in Boston.
P & L reflects owner/operator working 40 hours a week and other income is from lottery, rebates, money orders, etc.
He later had the courtesy to respond by telling me that Nexus made the decision some time ago that it was costing too much to process cheques and money orders over the counter so, in keeping with other service outlets, the decision was made to accept them only by post.
An MSB is any business that offers money orders, traveler's checks, stored value, check cashing or currency dealing; conducts more than $1,000 in money services business activity with the same person, in one type of activity, on the same day; or provides money transfer services in any amount.
They will accept checks, cash, money orders or credit cards--but will not accept pledges.
A family accused of conspiring to smuggle cash and money orders from the US to Iran have been indicted on a federal conspiracy charge.