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someone who lends money or gives credit in business matters

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Other peer-to-peer lending platforms promote their services as an investment fund or shared wallet to relax young people's vigilance toward the money lenders.
In addition, Mr Kumkani mentioned the fact that the dti has since passed it into law that all money lenders must be registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR).
They are forced to obtain their fertilizer and insecticide inputs from loan sharks and are also obliged to sell their harvest to the same loan sharks, both at prices that will result in assigning all the rewards to the money lenders and leaving nothing but hardship to the farmers.
BEIRUT: The Central Bank prohibited all commercial banks and financial institutions from dealing with unlicensed money dealers and money lenders.
4% Number of parents who admitted using money lenders to cover costs
However, money lenders do not fall within its ambit.
The campaign against illegal money lenders in Kohat has been divided into two different phases.
One of the sons was physically challenged and local reports indicated that the family resorted to the extreme step after he was manhandled by money lenders from whom the family had borrowed money.
The county council and the Wales Illegal Money Lending Unit will hold an event in the Wellman's Club in Llangefni on September 16 to raise awareness of the problem of illegal money lenders.
Durham County Council's trading standards team supports the Stop Loan Sharks scheme to raise awareness of the dangers of illegal money lenders by prosecuting them and supporting victims.
Govind Singh, Prahlad's elder brother, said: "While the bank was sending him notices to pay back the loan, the money lenders of the village had confiscated his land.
ILLEGAL money lenders in Ellesmere Port are to be targeted by a new six-month campaign organised by Cheshire West and Chester council.
Community Housing Cymru (CHC) and the Wales Illegal Moneylending Unit (WIMLU) have teamed up for their "Don't Get Bitten" campaign to combat the problem of illegal money lenders.
BEWARE of illegal money lenders - they want to get you under their control.
Currently, fix and flip projects are all the rage and many of these groups turn to hard money lenders to back them.