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the total stock of money in the economy

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A positive percentage point deviation in the long-run error correction term (through an increase in the monetary stock to pull down the short-run interest rate) increases the supply of currency in the economy over the short run by 0.
The steep yield curve is similar to [TABULAR DATA OMITTED] that observed in the early stages of previous cyclical expansions, but a further short-term easing of monetary policy would be possible if the growth of the monetary stock and other forward-looking indicators becoming available in the coming quarters consistently pointed to continued weakness and subdued inflation pressure for the period ahead.
Although market interest rates had changed little on net since February, slow growth of the monetary stock and other evidence in hand pointed to a small but significant tightening of credit supplies.
Bank of Japan to release monetary stock statistics for December at 8:50 a.
The monetary base remained an important determinant of the monetary stock (M2) for the post-1972 period.
The source says that by late Feb 2013 the monetary stock of Armenia amounted to 1.
All stocks are monetary stocks, with 100 fils for each stock, and all shares are 
 cash shares.