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Synonyms for monad

(chemistry) an atom having a valence of one

a singular metaphysical entity from which material properties are said to derive


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(biology) a single-celled microorganism (especially a flagellate protozoan)

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Leibniz's monad-based theory claims that perception is not limited to the organs of sense, nor is it explained empirically or mechanistically; rather, perception is the fundamental faculty for all monads, which, like Blake's Poetic Genius--"every where call'd the Spirit of Prophecy" (E 1, my emphasis)--are spiritual substances that fundamentally constitute matter.
55) Within a Leibnizian principle of harmonic relation, then, monads 'express the same world that does not exist outside of its expressions'.
It does not matter which order is taken because the upper and lower power locale monads commute with each other.
It is in effect the nexus between 'inner' and 'outer' phenomena akin to a Leibnizian monad only that it is not a unitary 'substance' as such.
I can find the exact location of monads and desire later
In this vein, instead of presenting Leibniz as a philosopher who gradually progressed toward a full-blown metaphysics founded on monads, Garber presents an evolutionary account of Leibniz's thought with an eye on the philosophical reasons for him changing his mind.
Harvey's reading of Leibniz transfers certain characteristics of monads as simple substances to those composite ones.
This is particularly so in relation to the solitary monads and the worn edges of the fragments but the wear and tear is not endowed by human handling as in a Japanese vessel.
Drawing on Neoplatonic ideas of the relation of the one and the many, and Bisterfeld's idea of "immeation", Leibniz in his metaphysics attempted to account for human subjects as simultaneously embodied and thereby individuated, and yet as essentially relational, given the harmonization of all monads by God.
Since cytokinesis in the genus Passiflora is of the simultaneous type, that is, it occurs at the end of Telophase II, chromosome stickiness verified during the meiosis phases that precede cytoplasm cleavage may have caused failure in the cytokinesis process, forming triads, dyads and monads (Figure 3B-F).
As she puts it, his was a "labyrinthine" intellectual odyssey (90) but it is still eminently possible (though far from easy) to plot the trajectories of some of his most influential contributions (the theory of monads, for instance) back to his more youthful work and conjectures.
viridulus was found in 45 monads (1 x 1-km grid squares, ca 1% of County total of 3958), situated within 23 10 x 10-km grid squares (40% of the County total of 57), indicating that it is not a common insect in Essex Co.
Leibniz continued his promotion of exchange with China and Russia as well as of Christian reconciliation, deepened (without finishing) his research on medieval sources for the Guelph history, and published several key philosophical treatises--two pamphlets on monads and the Essays on Theodicy.
The principal effect is that of the enfolding of monads, which could range from elementary particles to social structures, though the latter are more likely to be described as vincula, strata, or plateaus.