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Molva, "ROTIV: RFID Ownership Transfer with Issuer Verification," RFID Security and Privacy 2011 (RFIDSec 2011), Amherst, USA, LNCS 7055, pp.
Atlantic Salmon (Salmonidae) and Ling (Gadidae, Molva molva) bones represent preserved imported northern hemisphere fishes (Colley, in press).
Species Scientific name Main depth range (m) Alfonsino Beryx splendens 300-600 Cardinalfish Epigonus telescopus 500-800 Rubyfish Plagiogeneion rubiginosum 250-450 Blue ling Molva dypterygia 250-500 Black scabbardfish Aphanopus carbo 600-800 Sablefish Anoplopoma fimbria 500-1,000 Pink maomao Caprodon spp.
Vice Commander; and Molva Mattack, National Chaplain.
In some cases, large-scale commercial fishing is allowed for human consumption, including salmon (Oncorhynchus), redfish (Sebastes), serranids, ling (Molva), and jurels (Trachurus).
Molva, "CORE: A collaborative reputation mechanism to enforce node cooperation in mobile ad-hoc networks," in Proc.
Molva et al, proposed countermeasures for node misbehavior and selfishness are mandatory requirements in MANET.
Michiardi and Molva [9] proposed a collaborative reputation mechanism for promoting the cooperation among network nodes, preventing selfish behaviors.