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Rhinolophidae, Mystacinidae, Vespertiliomdae, and Molossidae families of
There are 16 genera and 86 species in the family Molossidae (13).
The anatomical study of tongue specially lingual papilla also were done on fruit eater bat [3,4,9,6] and insectivorous species belong to families such as Molossidae [7], Phyllostomidae [8], Rhinolophidae [21] and Vespertilionidae [23,10].
For some unknown ecological reason, perhaps certain genera of bats in the family Molossidae may not be as suitable hosts of coccidia as are those of the family Vespertilionidae.
Nyctinomops femorosaccus (pocketed free-tailed bat) and Tadarida brasiliensis (Brazilian free-tailed bat) are morphologically similar species of Molossidae that occur sympatrically over part of their range.
The best represented family is Vespertilionidae, with 20 species (45%), followed by Phyllostomidae (31%) and Molossidae (18%; Fig.
Bats positive for Australian bat lyssavirus infection Species IFA positive (a) Megachiroptera Pteropodidae Pteropus alecto 6/50 Pteropus scapulatus 0/18 Pteropus poliocephalus 1/8 Pteropus conspicillatus 0/4 Unidentified Pteropus l/5 Subtotal 8/85 Microchiroptera Hipposideridae Hipposiderosater 0/1 Molossidae Mormopterus beccarii 0/2 Mormopterus loriae 0/2 Unidentified Mormopterus 0/2 Rhinolophidae Rhinolophus philippinensis 0/1 Vespertilionidae Chalinolobus gouldii 0/1 Miniopterus australis 0/3 Miniopterus schreibersii 0/1 Miniopterus scotorepens 0/1 Scotorepens orion 0/1 Unidentified Scotorepens 0/1 Unidentified Vespertilionidae 0/14 Unidentified Microchiroptera 0/4 Subtotal 0/34 Total 8/119 (a) IFA, immunofluorescence assay; number positive/number tested.