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a tyrannical power to be propitiated by human subservience or sacrifice

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god of the Canaanites and Phoenicians to whom parents sacrificed their children


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Caption: Paganistic powerbrokers: In the Cremation of Care ritual, Bohemian Grove attendees burn what they claim is a human effigy, while chanting in front of a 40-foot owl statue that many say represents the demon god Moloch.
In short, the duty of a revolutionary today, and tomorrow, calls for a struggle to avoid two evils--the Moloch of power and organization (the tyranny of persons and/or things) and the arbitrariness of individual conscience.
25 and 64) Ichabod and Abbie meet Orion, an angel who may be able to help them in the aftermath of their showdown with Moloch.
MOLOCH, BEAST OF GOD, BAYONNE BLEEDER: Wagon & Horses, Adderley St, Bordesley Green.
according to the topographic situation of the basin studied in this research, the distance between altitudes in the area to the mentioned basin and also other researcher's advises such as Winstral et al, [22] Moloch et al, [15] Litaor et al, [14], the amount of dmax is chosen from 60 meters for close altitudes to points to 2000 meter for the farthest effective on the wind shelter situation of the points altitudes.
But in a contest between the monarch and Monsanto, the monarch and the Moloch of growth, there seems little doubt which will win.
He is a "minion of Moloch," according to the synopsis of the upcoming episode.
In the fifth chapter, Hake creatively aligns Alexander Sokurov's Moloch and Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds in their use of "intertextuality as an affective phenomenon" (164), portraying fascism less as a political threat than a media-produced fantasy.
He offers a tale of two cities in history (Babylon and Jerusalem), asks if Mohammed is actually one of the prophets, discusses the choice before human beings (caliph or king), explores the hijira (exodus) from Babel to Jerusalem and from Mecca to Medina, examines the ideals and the reality of the promised city, describes Solomon and the Queen of Sheba/Bilqis in Jerusalem, and describes violence in the city, a prayer of intercession for the city of Sodom, mammon and Moloch, how the victory over the city is viewed, and to whom the victory belongs.
Just think of the television, which is the true and great Moloch within our homes.
Fausto (Rusia, 2011), acreedora al Leon de Oro en el Festival de Venecia, es la ultima parte de una tetralogia sobre el poder realizada por Alexander Sokurov; la secuencia inicia con Moloch (1999), Taurus (2001), El Sol (2005), afiliada a Hitler, Lenin y Hirohito; pero cada cinta se basta a si misma, la poesia y la oscura metafisica de este gran discipulo de Andrei Tarkovsky las separan mas que las unen.
After all, in "Howl" Ginsberg had identified the destructive Moloch as "the Mind" as well as a "sphinx of cement and aluminum" (131), and astute readers of Burroughs and Kerouac have not missed the destabilizing and dispersion of self implicit in the performative mode cultivated by these writers.
Cabiria is sold in Carthage to the High Priest of the Temple of Moloch and is doomed to be sacrificed.
646-47, Machacek goes on to suggest that Milton models a phrase by Moloch on a different speech by Ajax (PL 2.