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Hungarian playwright (1878-1952)

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Molnar, who was registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and advertised as a 'mobile vet',' was brought to justice when a retired teacher from Renfrewshire, Scotland, turned detective after she bought a dachshund puppy called Janet from him for PS700.
Molnar, of Dartford, Kent, who pleaded guilty at Manchester magistrates court, was banned from running a pet shop and must pay PS5,186 and do a 270-hr community order.
Apart from Molnar, two other Hungarian reporters, Karoly Kalvesdi and Peter Rajkovics, created the foundation last July.
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It will be a very dramatic change in the sky, as anyone can see it,' Molnar confirmed in the report.
It's never been done before," Molnar said in (https://calvin.
Continental Who's Who has recognised Jessica Molnar as one of its Pinnacle Professionals in the Production industry.
A member of the Global Leadership Team, Molnar will report to the Compliance Committee of The Western Union Company board of directors, and to John R.
Based on her diary entries, it is evident that Molnar followed the introduction of Hungarian anti-Jewish laws with great interest either by reading the regulations displayed on street or hearing about them from her parents.
Mellisa Molnar, the Junction City woman who was suing Nelson Rosales with the help of two government-funded nonprofit groups, says Hoyle inappropriately intervened in her case and influenced its outcome.
It was more of a dive bar when we got our hands on it,'' says chef Les Molnar.
Speakers included Michael Molnar, chief manufacturing officer at NIST.
THOMAS MOLNAR WAS ONE of the influential intellectuals who contributed to the spectacular emergence of American conservatism after World War II.
com)-- Mike Molnar will be joining the 2013 Board of the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals' (SCIP) organization in January.
Hungarian Miklos Molnar, who lived in the same building and is now dead, had access to the murder weapon.