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Estos mismos filos tambien fueron los mas abundantes pero el orden de importancia fue Arthropoda, Annelida y Mollusca con el 30,26, 20,63 y 20,22% respectivamente (Total 71,11%).
Additional mollusca (Bivalvia and Rostroconchia) from the Suri Formation, early Ordovician (Arenig), western Argentina.
A list of the genera of recent Mollusca, their synonyms and types.
Bati Anadolu'nun bazi Alnemli tatli sularindan toplanan Mollusca tA1/4rlerinin sistematigi ve dagilisi (Systematic and distribution of Mollusca species collected from some important inland waters of western Anatolia) Diyarbakir Aniv.
The marine Mollusca of the Trucial Coast, Persian Gulf.
Mollusca is the second largest phylum of animals after Arthropoda (insects, arachnids, crustaceans, and a few others).
TABLE 2 Number species per taxonomic group Number of species Cyanobacteria 5 Bacillariophyta 3 Dinoflagellata 14 Chlorophyta 10 Rhodophyta 28 Ochrophyta 6 Magnoliophyta 5 Protozoa: Foraminifera 33 Cnidaria 100 Anthozoa 23 Scyphozoa 2 Hydrozoa 75 Ctenophora 1 Plathyhelminthes 9 Acanthocephala 2 Nematoda 1 Annelida 4 Sipunculida 2 Mollusca 93 Bivalvia 55 Gastropoda 38 Crustacea 147 Malacostraca 101 Decapoda 94 Maxillopoda 44 Other Crustacea 2 Pycnogonida 1 Bryozoa 9 Echinodermata 11 Chaetognatha 1 Chordata 92 Fishes 82 TOTAL 577 Fig.
Mae'r octopws yn perthyn i ffylwm y Mollusca, sef anifeiliaid fel malwod, gwlithos, cregyn gleision, cocos, cregyn bylchog a'r twyllwr du.
The Mollusca collected by the University of Michigan-Williamson Expedition in Venezuela, Part IV.
The phylum mollusca is divided into nine taxonomic classes, of which Class- Gastropoda is the most important class comprising more than 80 % of all living species.
For statistical comparisons among groups, prey items were grouped into the following major taxonomical groups: Sipuncula, Annelida, Crustacea, Mollusca, Echinodermata, Chondrichthyes, Teleostei, Urochordata, as well as unidentified material.
Contributions to a knowledge of the fresh-water Mollusca of Kansas, I, fresh-water bivalves.
Such losses or gains occurred repeatedly within the Mollusca, an enormous group that includes clams, oysters, squid, octopuses and of course the gastropods--snails and slugs.
A list of the land Mollusca of Claiborne County, Tennessee, with description of a new subspecies of Triodopsis.