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small Peruvian evergreen with broad rounded head and slender pendant branches with attractive clusters of greenish flowers followed by clusters of rose-pink fruits

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A) presenza di rigidita/accorciamento dei tessuti molli (40,42) o di trigger point latenti (45).
NEW PUPILS: Molli Mbani, left, and Daniel Caughlan Pictures: CHRIS GRIEVE; SMILES: Dads David Stephenson, left, and Nicholas Mitchell with governor Sandy Nuttgens, right; CLASSY: State-of-the-art technology; HAPPY: Head Asma Mansuri and her verdict, left; MUM: Cheryl Caughlan
Molli noted that LCs are often tied into the customer's credit line of the issuing bank.
Yeni Tefrikalarimiz Milli ve Molli, Muharriri: Erchbald Heber Yarin bu eserle beraber vaadettigimiz vechiyle Calikusu tefrikasma baslayacagiz.
The MOLLI provided a unique opportunity for school children from Devon and beyond to prepare for, undertake, and follow up a visit to the museum.
Shaw and his wife, Julie, have three children, Travis, Molli and Griffin.
The name molle comes from the Quechua molli, but it is also known as aguaribay, a Guarani word composed of aguara (which means a vixen), iba (a fruit), and ib (a tree).
The DTP series is a new addition to the widely used, field-proven DT series of connectors," said Molli Craddock, vice president of new business development.
Nichols is the developer of the Athena and MOLLI library automation systems, as well as MARCit software for cataloging Internet resources in MARC format.
Colende praeses, membra precor tua molli quiescant cespite, et ex tuo crescant rosae, calthaeque busto, purpureoque hyacinthus ore.
Nichols' original product, MOLLI, was developed for DOS computers and has a large installed base.
The mystery of God as presented by the Catholic Church's liturgy has intrigued Molli Vassar nearly all her life.
This is truly a breakthrough in the world of data security solutions," said Molli Wingert, founder and president of SDS.
She had great support from Molli Warburton-White, Hannah Das and Anna Underwood.
Successfully defending her Anglesey-bred crown was Arbennig Adventure Molli Red, an eye-catching red Holstein second calver bred and shown by Rhys Williams, Clwch Dernog, Llanddeusant.