Molisch's test

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biochemical indicator of the presence of carbohydrates in a solution

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Test for carbohydrate through Molisch's test indicated their presence in chloroform extract as well as rectified spirit extract, but the results were somewhat variable in Fehling's and Barfoed's tests.
Different plant Tests constituents Test for alkaloids Mayer's test, Dragendroff's test, Wagner's test, and Hager's test Test for proteins and Millon's test, Biuret test, and amino acids ninhydrin test Test for anthraquinones Modified Borntrager's test Test for flavonoids Ferric chloride test and lead acetate test Test for carbohydrates Molisch's test Test for reducing sugars Fehling's test and Benedict's test Test for saponins Foam formation test Test for tannins Ferric chloride test and lead acetate test Test for steroids, Liebermann-Burchard test, triterpenoids, and Salkowski test, Noller's test, cardiac glycosides Legal's test, Baljet test, and Keller Kiliani's test TABLE 2: Effect on electrolyte excretion in urine.
(a) Molisch's Test. Solutions of extracts were mixed with few drops of Molisch's reagent ([alpha]-Naphthol) and conc.
Table 1 SL.NO TEST Pet- Benzene Chloroform Ether fraction fraction fraction 1 Terpenes A Liebermann- + Burchard B Salkowaski' + 2 Carbohydrates A Motisch's test B Benedict's test C Fehling's test: 3 Saponins A Foam + B Haemolysis + 4 Flavonoids A Fernc Chloride B Shimoda 5 Alkaloids: A Mayer's + B Wagner's + C DragendorWs + D Hager's test + 6 Glycosides test A Molisch's test SL.NO Alcohol Water fraction fraction 1 A B 2 A + B + C + 3 A B 4 A + B + 5 A B C D 6 A +
Test for carbohydrates: Benedict's, Fehling's and Molisch's test was performed for the detection of carbohydrates.
a) Molisch's test: Small quantity of each extract was dissolved in 5 ml of distilled water and taken in a test tube.