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French author of sophisticated comedies (1622-1673)

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exclaimed Moliere, in the tone of a courageous dog, from which you snatch the bone it has legitimately gained; "I disturb myself
Percerin that I am here, my dear Moliere," said D'Artagnan, in a low tone, "I warn you of one thing: that I won't exhibit to you the friend I have brought with me.
The Ypogio Theatriri theatre company, whose mission is the development of physical and intellectual expression, presents the play The Miser by the French playwright Moliere, which will hit the stage on Saturday for two performances only.
Alex, the award-winning playwright disheartened by the direction of the industry, has made Moliere his prominent banner of protest.
Instead, Prest contends, Moliere presents a dangerously secular worldview by proposing that moral goodness can exist outside the Church's sphere of influence.
Moliere, genio de la comedia de enredos, toma como protagonista a un hombre mayor, adinerado y celoso hasta lo indecible, para hacer una critica a la sociedad de su tiempo, que mucho tiene en comun con nuestro presente.
A dire que la piece Moliere fera carton plein ce week-end a Rabat.
Para trastocar los valores morales de su epoca sin padecer represalias, Moliere combinaba el animo provocador con la prudencia estrategica, la pincelada sutil en el trazo de los personajes con la destreza artesanal para la intriga comica de brocha gorda.
Berth occupancy was 65% at the port on Wednesday where a total seven ships namely DS Dominion, MSC Carolina, CGM Moliere, Mandarin Sky, Aelion Vision, Ex Quisite and GSW Fabolous are currently occupying berths to load/offload Containers, Cement, Canola Seed, LNG and Edible Oil respectively during last 24 hours.
The dark and satirical comedy is heavily influenced by the obsession of death that Moliere felt during his later years.
The Would-Be Author: Moliere and the Comedy of Print.
POET Roger McGough's new adaptation of the Moliere classic The Misanthrope will be premiered in Liverpool before going on tour.