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French author of sophisticated comedies (1622-1673)

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"Go on - go on, Monsieur Moliere. I quite understand the interest you take in the plates - I will not disturb your studies."
"Well, my dear Monsieur Moliere, but you will go and tell him I am here."
"I!" exclaimed Moliere, in the tone of a courageous dog, from which you snatch the bone it has legitimately gained; "I disturb myself!
Percerin that I am here, my dear Moliere," said D'Artagnan, in a low tone, "I warn you of one thing: that I won't exhibit to you the friend I have brought with me."
Moliere indicated Porthos by an imperceptible gesture, "This gentleman, is it not?"
Moliere fixed upon Porthos one of those looks which penetrate the minds and hearts of men.
Did not Moliere imagine that he was doing Raphael and Michael-Angelo a very great honor, by calling them "those Mignards of their age?"
When Moliere and Charpentier revised Le mariage force for audiences at the Theatre du Palais Royal they struck a more even balance between vocal music and ballet-five dances, five songs.
Moliere's play has been a serviceable vehicle for a few centuries already, and Richard Wilbur's translations are also a sure thing, but to make Wilbur's couplets gallop faster than prose and to inflate and animate Moliere's stylized characters and set the plot into motion without producing something resembling Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade calls for uncommon gifts.
(also known as Le Theatre francais or La Maison de Moliere) French national theatre.
presents 'Moliere PMS' featuring adaptations of three plays by French playwright and actor Moliere: 'Praning' (The Imaginary Invalid); 'Maniacal' (The Learned Ladies); and 'Schism (The Misanthrope).'
A dire que la piece Moliere fera carton plein ce week-end a Rabat.
KARACHI -- Three ships C.V CMA.CGM Moliere, C.V Sabya and M.T Nave Cassiopeia carrying Contaiens,and Diseel Oil were allotted berths at Qasim International Containers Terminal, and FOTCO Oil Terminal respectively at Port Qasim on Tuesday,2nd December 2014.