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French author of sophisticated comedies (1622-1673)

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exclaimed Moliere, in the tone of a courageous dog, from which you snatch the bone it has legitimately gained; "I disturb myself
Percerin that I am here, my dear Moliere," said D'Artagnan, in a low tone, "I warn you of one thing: that I won't exhibit to you the friend I have brought with me.
Meanwhile, through Sganarelle, Moliere lampoons the preaching of moral objections to libertinage in a way that appeals to public decency and yet makes problematic the audience's identification with that morally appropriate and decorous point of view.
I love Moliere and it seemed that he wasn't greatly done here in England," explains the former Dundee Rep director.
Le Disperazioni del Signor Pulcinella ("Signor Pulcinella in Despair") derives from music Henze composed originally for a Moliere play, which had already been recycled once for an earlier ballet.
IT'S in slightly sheepish tones that Roger McGough replies to my question about his latest venture - a reworking of The Hypochondriac, by French playwright Moliere.
Jean-Baptiste Poguelin aka Moliere (Romanin Duris) and his actors arrive in the French capital in high spirits.
The amateur dramatic group present Tartuffe by Moliere at the Highbury Theatre, Sheffield Road, Boldmere from March 21 to April 1.
Moliere, the specialist Oracle IT consultancy, has opened a new office in Birmingham in a bid to gain more business.
Marriott Hotel in Mexico City; Palacio de Hierro's flagship store and world headquarters at Moliere 222 in Mexico City; and the world headquarters of Herdez and Cuervo in Mexico City.
Gemma: It is a play I have always loved and I have always wanted to direct a Moliere because they are such good fun.
It is a lark, a divertissement, loosely based on Moliere and the product of much cutting and reworking.
Invite the average British theatre-goer to name some French playwrights and you are quite likely to find there is a large gap, amounting to two centuries, between the comedies of Moliere and Feydeau.
Moliere and Lully's Bourgeois Gentilhomme is cited as an example of the uniting of music, dance, and theater.
Because CORTOSS mimics the strength and flexibility of cortical bone, we now have an effective synthetic structural graft to provide needed fixation for bone screws that otherwise would not hold," said Marek Szpalski, MD, a senior consultant at Centre Hospitalier Moliere Longchamps, in Brussels, Belgium.