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relating to simple or elementary organization

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Mercuric conjugates of cysteine are transported by the amino acid transporter system b0,+: Implications of molecular mimicry. J Am Soc Nephrol.
Rather, we hypothesize that elimination of the mycobacterial antigen with antituberculosis therapy may have reduced the antigen load and minimized subsequent molecular mimicry with resolution of the PD.
Guarneri, "Molecular mimicry and autoimmune thyroid disease," Reviews in Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders, vol.
Torres explained, "We think this may reflect an example of molecular mimicry where the virus has evolved to mimic or look like a self protein."
Another relevant term is "molecular mimicry" (things look more similar the worse your vision becomes).
One proposed theory that has been gaining support which is considered the main viral pathogenesis is molecular mimicry. The theory suggests that environmental triggers such as viruses along with failure of immune tolerance and a genetic predisposition, induces T-cell mediated immune attacks against the liver antigens leading to a progressive necroinflammatory and fibrotic process in the liver.
The presence of multiple antibodies could also indicate polyclonal B cell stimulation due to molecular mimicry or unchecked neutrophil apoptosis, resulting from the triggering infection.
Many studies relate autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, coronary syndrome, and even erythematous lupus with the presence of periodontitis; this can prove that the phenomenon of molecular mimicry can take place in the oral cavity, being in the activation of the immune system able to destroy own tissues [9-12].
Numerous gastrointestinal pathogens have demonstrated molecular mimicry with thyroid tissue.
One mechanism believed to account for this post-infectious neuropsychiatric condition, as well as other autoimmune disorders, is a process known as molecular mimicry. Segments of the body have structural characteristics or protein sequences similar to those of natural invaders such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other infectious organisms.
An infectious trigger for immune activation is one of the postulated mechanisms and derives from molecular mimicry. Progression from HIV infection to AIDS is associated with a gradual loss of immune-competence.
It also shows the existence of transplacental Hg transfer, possibly due to molecular mimicry with methionine of MeHg bound to thiolgroups (Ballatori, 2002).
pylori used its polysaccharides to hide from the immune system through molecular mimicry, allowing for a long undetected life in the human stomach," says Monteiro, who is presenting the paper, "An efficacious polyvalent Clostridium difficile vaccine," at the May 31-June 1 Asia-Canada Glycoscience Satellite Meeting, immediately preceding the 97th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition in Vancouver.
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