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a nonmetallic univalent element that is normally a colorless and odorless highly flammable diatomic gas

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All of their recipes included molecular hydrogen. Astrobiologists hypothesize that a process called serpenitinization creates these hydrogen molecules, a result of the chemical reaction between the moon's rocky core and its hot ocean water.
The value of molecular hydrogen came to the fore when, inspired by the healing bodies of water around the world, the Japanese took samples to study the compositions, thereby discovering that the healing properties were mostly due to a high concentration of hydrogen.
Currently, the metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), which consist of metal or metal-ion vertices connected by organic molecules known as organic linkers, are tested for physisorption of molecular hydrogen [5].
Combined with the field's surprising strength, this variation hints that the field's generator, or dynamo, lies closer to the surface than we might expect, perhaps extending beyond the metallic hydrogen layer and into the region of molecular hydrogen above.
Beneficial biological effects and the underlying mechanisms of molecular hydrogen - comprehensive review of 321 original articles.
The spacecraft's instruments registered molecular hydrogen and carbon dioxide, two ingredients critical for methanogenesis.
For the measuring of the concentration of the dissolved molecular hydrogen in PBS (pH 7.2 continually checked by pH meter) the Trustlex ENH-1000 (TRUSTLEX, Kyoto, Japan) was used as the primary measuring device.
As a general galactic rule atomic hydrogen distribution dominates the outer part of our Milky Way spiral arms, and molecular hydrogen the inner part of our galaxy--the molecular regions are star forming areas.
Still, he says, "Enceladus seems to be a master at defying expectations." One way to test Hsu's claim is to look for molecular hydrogen. Seawater interacting with rock at some hydrothermal vents on Earth produces high concentrations of hydrogen.
The letter pointed out the oft-repeated misunderstandings about molecular hydrogen and its role in a so-called hydrogen economy.
The team, led by Professor Greg Cook, found that in such conditions the bacterium is able to quickly switch its cellular metabolism from a primarily oxygen-based one over to one that uses fermentation for energy production instead and this metabolic mode depends on the production and recycling of molecular hydrogen, a high-energy fuel and diffusible gas.
Molecular simulation can provide a cost-effective way of determining adsorption isotherms and gives a useful insight into the adsorption behavior of molecular hydrogen inside zeolite channels and pores.
When molecular hydrogen permeates from the high pressure to the low pressure side, the permeated molecular hydrogen could be detected; thus, the kinetics of hydrogen permeation process could be obtained.
In reality, it is reasonable to postulate that reactions in the chromosphere primarily involves the combination of molecular hydrogen with much larger condensed hydrogen structures or seeds, CHS, since this region of the Sun displays tangible signs of condensed matter in the form of spicules and mottles [9-15,26].
Production of molecular hydrogen for use in hydrogen fuel cell vehicles delivers a fair amount of carbon dioxide, which is harmful to the fuel cell membrane and toxic to animals and humans.
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