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a chemical bond that involves sharing a pair of electrons between atoms in a molecule

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Researchers at UCSB developed the material in which molecular bonds between iron and an organic compound called catechol allow for it to be stretchy, but difficult to break.
Second, these X-rays are delivered on a short enough timescale to freeze the motion of atoms in molecules, capture the initiating events of molecular bond formation and the dynamics of electrons as they orbit an atom or carry charge around a molecule.
Our always chock-a-block Chemical News section presents a host of interesting stories, including one from the University of British Columbia's Shawn Mansfield, who is analyzing how to manipulate trees' molecular bonds to make it easier to break down the troublesome biomolecule lignin in pulp and paper production.
Milner says the technique could allow scientists to use rotational stress to sever molecular bonds and create custom chemical reactions.
The polyureas and poly(urethane-urea)s he and his colleagues have developed have longer molecular bonds than normal polyureas, which enable more facile cleavage and reformation.
UV rays break-down the molecular bonds of the paints polymer network, causing surface chalking, decreased abrasion resistance and discoloration--leading to corrosion.
The carbon/fluorine bond in fluorocarbon chemistry is one of the strongest molecular bonds we know of.
The ionized vapor layer contains excited particles which accelerate towards the tissue and break the tissues molecular bonds, resulting in tissue removal.
The illustrations show the high quality Raman spectra obtained, which, although appearing similar to the eye, contain differences related to the molecular bonds and environment of each compound.
As the molecular bonds holding together the graphene sheets in graphite start to weaken because of the agitation, the PCA also exploits these weakening bonds and works its way between the layers of graphene that make up the graphite.
Each form is a mirror image of the other, and a form's "handedness" is determined by how its molecular bonds are assembled.
'The scientists have to first work out how to break down the molecular bonds between feather protein strands without breaking down the strands themselves,' Dr Poole says.
And it's made from plant enzymes that break the molecular bonds of all naturally occurring odor-causing compounds.
Animations at Kyrk's Web site cover not only cell processes but also the behaviors of molecules and molecular bonds. Molecules are color coded for easy recognition and the bonds between them are effectively demonstrated.
The new low-k barrier dielectric SCC film has been developed based on molecular nanotechnology, which has a composite structure of unsaturated C=C molecular bonds and the conventional silica backbone structure to prevent Cu diffusion into the interlayer dielectric (ILD) films.
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