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(chemistry) the sum of the relative atomic masses of the constituent atoms of a molecule

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CA 19-9 contains oligosaccharide structures present on heavily glycosylated high molecular mass mucins (3).
The PV[C.sub.r] was characterized by a viscosity-average molecular mass, about 200,000; TS, 83.1 MPa; and EB, 50 %.
One important unknown in the processing of silsesquioxanes is the "degree-of-condensation" as a function of molecular mass. That is, how many of the silicon atoms are three-fold coordinated with bridging oxygen atoms and how many have terminal silanol ([equivalent to]SiOH) groups?
Specificity was based on the polypeptide target size (diagnostic molecular mass) and the absence of cross-reaction with polypeptides from either BT products or vegetative B.
Molecular mass determination using sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacryiamide gel electrophoresis, gel filtration, and N-terminal amino acid sequencing
1 illustrates the unique molecular mass distribution of the patient's cystatin C.
Western blot studies of the protease-resistant prion protein (PrPres) showed higher and lower molecular masses of unglycosylated PrPres in these 2 types, subsequently named H-type and L-type compared with C-type BSE (5).
Researchers in various biological sciences explain methods for analyzing metabolomes: all low molecular mass compounds synthesized and modified by a living cell or organism.
The basic principle resides in the idea that the proportion of the defined element Y in any chemical compound of molecular mass X should be related to its single gram-atom.
For LDPE, the MWD peaks shifted to the left (lower molecular masses), but a small high molecular mass tail developed with samples taken from all depths (Fig.
For stoichiometrically well characterized crystals the mean atomic or molecular mass values could be determined from the density and crystal cell volume alone without measuring isotopic composition (18).
Fast HPLC-MS is a common tool in drug discovery and development that provides a nearly immediate reading on molecular mass for organic chemists, biologists, and analysts in dozens of applications.
The hemolytic activity partitioned by gel exclusion chromatography on Sephadex G-100 resin with an apparent molecular mass of 25-30 kDa.
2, the protonated molecular ion [M + H] peak at 579.2 in the positive MS spectra and deprotonated molecular ion [M - H] peak at 577.5 in the negative MS spectra clearly show that the molecular mass at chromatographic peak at retention time 6.19 min was 578 Da.
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