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One of the main obstacles in the way to the EU membership is alleged to be the only real power in the country, an oligarch who has allegedly seized control of the court system, law enforcement bodies and General Prosecutor's office to conduct 'raider attacks' on Moldovan businesses and individuals, illegally seizing assets by means of false criminal prosecutions as well as stealing state budget assets and EU financial aid.
Embassy in Chisinau has, in the past year, expanded engagement with Moldovan communities through efforts to improve the effectiveness of Moldova's English-language instructors and reach out to educators and students in the nation's breakaway region of Transnistria.
The Project is supportive to the national development strategy, called Moldova 2020, of the Moldovan Government.
It's one of comedian Tony Hawks' stories, a lovely funny (true) adventure which starts off with a drunken bet where Hawks plays the entire Moldovan football team in tennis.
If fundamental beliefs are the main argument for group existence and constitute the main discursive representation of groupness (for example, "we are Moldovans") then additional beliefs are though as being characteristic to a specific group belonging (for example, "as Moldovans we can speak Russian").
He said: "I thought that the Moldovans should taste the great Yorkshire delicacy and they loved it.
If Moldovans exceed their stay, they pay a fine at the border and are not allowed to re-enter Turkey for a given period.
While Moldova has made great strides in establishing a market economy since its independence, the economy remained overregulated and was hampered by government controls and corruption, creating very few additional jobs and forcing Moldovans over the years to migrate in increasing numbers to find work abroad.
Security officials say the Moldovans told police Saturday the Bedouins doubled the $1,000 amount agreed upon to smuggle them into Israel, and when they refused to pay the Bedouins took them hostage.
Some 430,000 Moldovans who live abroad, working as low-paid labourers andndash; according to official statistics andndash; were allowed to vote at special polling stations set up in such countries as Italy, Portugal, Spain and France.
The Government of Moldova's (GOM) lack of a comprehensive national drug strategy remains a shortcoming of Moldovan drug control policy in 2009.
In reply, Romania's President Traian Basescu declared that he would not tolerate a "new Iron Curtain," and changed Romanian law to give Moldovans easy access to Romanian citizenship.
Synopsis: Following political violence and protests in Moldova in April, Gallup reveals that Moldovans report less confidence in their elections and their media than citizens in several Former Soviet Union countries where Gallup surveyed.
In power since 2001, Voronin faces a growing economic crisis as thousands of Moldovans working abroad have lost their jobs in the global economic crisis and stopped sending home the hard currency on which much of the local economy depends.
17: First real attack from the Moldovans breaks down 10 yards out when Stanislav Ivanov takes a touch too many.