hydatidiform mole

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an abnormality during pregnancy

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The diagnostic implications of routine ultrasound examination in histologically confirmed early molar pregnancies. Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol 2001 Dec;18(6):662-665.
Because PHMs have a low but real risk of persistent GTD and are managed as molar pregnancies per current guidelines (sometimes with abbreviated follow-up relative to management of CHMs), (80,81) and because overdiagnosis of nonmolar specimens as PHMs has implications for infertility patients, genotyping of all [p57.sup.+] potentially molar specimens per the algorithm provides for a definitive distinction of PHMs and nonmolar specimens, allowing for refined management of these entities.
The usual management of abortions is not sufficient to detect all molar pregnancies because tissue is not routinely submitted for histological examination especially in resource-limited regions [6].
Sonographic appearance of early complete molar pregnancies. J Ultrasound Med.
By using a cut-off value 8.19 for WBC, sensitivity was 81.0% and specificity Molar pregnancies and gestational trophoblastic neoplasms are originated from placental trophoblasts.
P57kip2 Im-munohistochemistry in early molar pregnancies: Em-phasis on its complementary role in the differential dia-gnosis of hydropicabortuses.
So far the former Honley High and Greenhead College student has raised PS1,679 for the charity which provides counselling and practical help for women who have suffered miscarriages as well as ectopic and molar pregnancies.
Exclusion criteria included cervical ectopic pregnancies, molar pregnancies, intrauterine pregnancies and pregnancies of unknown location.
The test is able to detect triploidy and molar pregnancies, and can use FFPE samples if no fresh tissue is available.
Choriocarinomas develop from extra-embryonic differentiation of malignant germ cells of the placenta as opposed to molar pregnancies which are benign trophoblastic cells generated from abnormal fertilization.
A familial case of recurrent hydatidiform molar pregnancies with biparental genomic contribution.
Unfortunately, with molar pregnancies, there is always the danger it could happen again.
** Molar pregnancies--Some molar pregnancies are life-threatening, resulting in cancerous growth, and chemotherapy is needed.
No one knows why molar pregnancies occur but it doesn't stop you questioning and running through everything in your head.
Many molar pregnancies appear completely normal and nothing would make the mother suspicious of anything being wrong.