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(Hinduism) release from the cycle of rebirth

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As has already been noted, the Sadhu's goal is liberation, or Moksha (Organ 1980 chap.
For Jains, it commemorates the time when prince Mahavira, also known as Vardhamana, achieved moksha - freedom from the cycle of life and death.
"Dera followers believe that those who are buried inside the Dera attain 'moksha' [salvation].
Advocate Moksha Kazmi, representing the sports department, told the court that a coach would be made available for the benefit of the inmates.
Performances and workshops at Veg-Fest LA, Q&A at Kathmandu Boutique in Santa Monica, CA and a workshop at Moksha Spiritual Center in Frazier Park will follow this.
Profit-making is considered a legitimate human objective and forms an integral part of four of the purushartha or goals - kama, moksha, artha and dharma.
They are those who think that this is an act that will result in the forgiveness of their sins and help them attain moksha." Aghast as I was at the explanation, I queried: "What about the curse of those who are attacked by the dogs?
A fine example of how an authentic political poem ought to be written is "Moksha II," about the Delhi woman raped by six men in a moving bus.
As reported in Linguistica Uralica (Pusztay 2014)--on the initiative of the institute Collegium Fenno-Ugricum in 2010-2011 the school terminology of ten school subjects in five Fenno-Ugric languages of Russia (Erzya, Moksha, Mari, Komi, Udmurt) has been elaborated as an EU-supported project, the results of which have been published in 5 x 10 = 50 terminological dictionaries, 50 -100 pages each.
I' ve heard stories of virtue, renunciation, moksha , sacrifice that form the core of spiritual sermons.
At the age of 72, Mahavira gave his last sermon and his souls reached moksha, where there is only knowledge, happiness, and bliss.
Moksha Jai Joshi, known to all as Jai, and his mum Janma Joshi, 40, were killed in the fire which swept through their two-bedroom flat in Tuebrook last Thursday.
POLICE believe Boots pharmacy tech-nician, Janma Jai Joshi, 40, deliberately started the 5.30am fire that killed herself and her son, Moksha Jai, aged four, in Tuebrook, Liverpool, on Thursday.
When he died, "his soul reached moksha. In moksha there is no pain, suffering, or sadness.
He made it amply clear that what he wanted to achieve was self-realization, "to see God face to face, to attain Moksha".