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Synonyms for mocha

soft suede glove leather from goatskin

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a flavoring made from coffee mixed with chocolate

a superior dark coffee made from beans from Arabia


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a dark brown color

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The Ethiopians would chew and make weak tea from them, but it was in Mokha, a port city in Yemen, in the 14th century, that a certain Ali ibn Omar first brewed the bean into qahwa.
It will be a 'Ladies Night' at John Barry's 'The Mad Pumpkin Party' on October 31, and a long and leisurely 'The Friday Feast' at Mokha Cafe's 'Halloween Brunch' on November 2.
"The Monk of Mokha is a page-turning mash-up of genres--coming-of-age, business how-to (and in some cases, how-not-to), and international political thriller."
Referring to the message, Mokha said, "It's written in eyeliner and that's the only thing that made it stand out." 
The Friday attack completely destroyed the American-made MIM-104F (PAC-3) missile system installed near the port city of Mokha, Brigadier Aziz Rashed, the Deputy Spokesman for the Ansarullah-allied army, told Yemen's Arabic-language al-Masirah television network.
If something called the American dream is still alive, it's personified by the protagonist of the captivating The Monk of Mokha, Dave Eggers' latest work of narrative nonfiction.
Mokha Cafe, at Grand Hyatt Muscat, now presents the soul of Lebanon with its weekly Lebanese offering every Thursday evening.
Children can enjoy a selection of movies, toys and fun activities, as well as a lavish feast of their own at Mokha Cafe, on Fridays from 13:30pm - 17:30pm.
- Bahrain condemns Mogadishu terrorist attack and the terror attack on UAE ship as it was leaving Mokha seaport on the Red Sea.
They had captured Mokha port and province and the key province of Ta'ez.
Les forces gouvernementales au Yemen ont repris vendredi 10 fevrier le controle total de la ville portuaire de Mokha, marquant des points dans leur vaste offensive contre les rebelles lancee il y a un mois pour reconquerir des regions sur la mer Rouge.
The missiles were posted at special launch bases constructed by Iran outside Yemen's two principal Red Sea ports of Mokha and Hudaydah.
Elle a conclu que la coalition qui intervient en soutien au gouvernement yemenite contre les rebelles chiites houthis a [beaucoup moins que] par erreur [beaucoup plus grand que] frappe un complexe residentiel dans la ville portuaire de Mokha apres avoir recu [beaucoup moins que] des renseignements imprecis [beaucoup plus grand que].
BAJAUR AGENCY -- Six people were died and four others wounded when roof of house collapsed due to rains in Bara Mokha area of Mamond tehsil in Bajaur tribal agency on Monday.
BAJAUR AGENCY -- Six people were killed and four others injured when roof of a house collapsed due to rains in Bara Mokha area of Mamond tehisl in Bajaur Agency on Monday.