Mogul empire

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an empire established by the Mogul conquerors of India that reigned from 1526 to 1857

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The historian tells the story of the coming of Islam to the subcontinent and the rise of the Mogul empire.
Everything has to be inspired by an antique or heirloom or a period in history," she said, adding one of the designs was inspired by the Mogul Empire.
By the 16th century Dhaka was a flourishing city within the Sultanate of Delhi, although it had to wait until 1608 for its finest hour: the arrival of the Mogul empire and the establishment of its capital in the city.
The scene is set in Delhi, the capital of the Mogul empire which yielded 150 years of peace and prosperity for India before being defeated by the Marathes's uprising.
Stretched to novel proportions they have the grandeur and the tragedy of something out of Ancient Greece - or the Mogul Empire.
It was there that Nadir Shah, the warrior king who plundered the Mogul Empire, sacked Delhi in 1739 and brought back the Peacock Throne.
In the times following the collapse of the Mogul empire there was chaos, and in fleeing for their lives and being arrested many of the rich buried their treasures and jewels in fields and under houses, hoping to retrieve them in better times.
One huge, articulate fan of kathak, Colonel Rege told me about the temples, courts, and Mogul empire where the "storytellers" danced and were married to God.
In Asia, Babur (1483-1530), who maintained he was a descendant of Tamerlane, took Delhi and Agra in India, in 1526, and established the Mogul Empire (Mogul is a form of Mongol).
The Mogul Empire began in 1526 with Baber (1483 - 1530), a descendant of Tamerlane, and broke up after the death of Aurangzeb (1618 - 1707), whose Islamic fanaticism and persecution of Hindus and Sikhs caused rebellions that weakened and ultimately collapsed the empire.