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a member of the Muslim dynasty that ruled India until 1857


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Some upper class Indians did convert to further their careers with the Moghuls but most converts were common men from lower castes.
On my first bite of the lamb Moghul special I thought the Maharajas had been short-changed.
Speaking in an interview, Moghul purchasing manager, Mr Tumiso Tobego, said they started feeding Otse Home Based Care Trust in 2015 after winning a tender to cater for Police College.
It is said that the rise of the Gwalior Gharana dates back to the time of Moghul Emperor Akbar.
The presenter visits gardens that represent and symbolise the four areas of Islamic civilisation - Andalucian, Moghul, Persian and Ottoman - revealing the importance of Paradise Gardens celebrated in the Koran.
In spite much advancement, the final form of sari that we see today, came only by the influence of Moghul period as they had perfected the art of stitching with their royal riches and absolute power.
For example, Captain Avery's most famous exploit was his capturing a group of ships carrying the granddaughter of the Great Moghul. The adventure involved three elements that would have strongly interested readers of Defoe's time and continues to appeal to modern readers: money, potential violence, and sex.
I first discovered Haroon Moghul when I noticed him following me on Twitter.
Haroon Moghul; HOW TO BE A MUSLIM; Beacon Press (Nonfiction: Autobiography & Memoir) 17.00 ISBN: 9780807020746
Wagenaar himself and Alicia Schrikker write on tensions and conflict on Ceylon between Dutch officials and the rulers of the island, as Guido van Meersbergen does on strained relations with the Moghul court in India.
The blinding in 17BB of the Moghul Emperor Shah Alam ll [d.1806] is one of the most tragic events of South Asian Muslim history.
Macheath - a skinny-jean clad anti-capitalist busker - starts asking what the Games will do for the poor, becoming a thorn in the side of media moghul Peachum and the buffoonish, shaggy haired mayor Lockitt.
The other collection of artwork is inspired by the Moghul Indian period.
It listed the members resigning as general secretary Nabeel Shaikh, president Maqbool Rasul, joint general secretary Jamil Moghul, Chaudhary Shahid, Imran Bashir, Munawar Akbar and Rashid Khaliq.
Last month, the company launched the Titanium Moghul and the Titanium S205 2GB in India.