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MacMETH - a fast Modula-2 language system for the Apple Macintosh.
Language constructs such as Modula-2 modules, Ada packages, and object-oriented programming classes permit the encapsulation, or combination, of data and its associated operations, allowing the creation of abstract data types.
Within two weeks, an international echomail conference, MODULA-2, was propagated between Europe, Australia, and North America, and today the daily volume of compressed echomail is over eight megabytes (MB).
As the underlying language for Alma-0 we use Modula-2 of Wirth [1985].
Even when the usual academic discounts are taken into account, Ada licenses for typical academic servers and workstations have been quite high compared to the cost of Pascal, C, C++, Modula-2, Lisp, and other languages.
Similarly to C++ with signatures, ML, Modula-2, and Modula-3 allow a clean separation of specification and implementation.
Contact Sue Brookes, Modula-2, Leicester Polytechnic, Marketing Centre, P.O.
A simple and consistent extension of Modula-2 avoids all the problems we have mentioned, without loss of efficiency.
Contact Sue Brookes, Modula-2, Leicester Polytechic, Marketing Centre, P.O.
Also available from ACM Press Books is the second of three volumes on Oberon, the new operating system and programming language developed by Niklaus Wirth as the successor to Pascal and Modula-2. Programming in Oberon, Steps Beyond Pascal and Modula, by Martin Reiser and Niklaus Wirth, is a tutorial that focuses on the unique features of Oberon, the concept of type extension and its support of an object-oriented style of programming.
Contact Sue Brookes, Modula-2, Leicester Polytechynic, Marketing Centre, P.O.
Submit three copies of an extended abstract (in English) to Sue Brooks, Modula-2, Leicester Polytechnic, Marketing Centre, P.O.
This book is a comprehensive guide to, and reference on, the Oberon Operation System and the Oberon Language, designed by Niklaus Wirth as a successor to Pascal and Modula-2. Members, $33.95; non-members, $37.75; order #706902.
Among them were the following: a .32-bit Modula-2 processor, Kronos and a highly programmable workstation, Kronos 2.6WS; an object-oriented workstation, PIRS; a modular operating system, Excelsior; a user-friendly Modula-2 programming system; a problem-oriented language, Polar for CAD systems; a silicon compiler Lotos; an intelligent software environment, PRIZ for PCs (available now also on the Western software market); a natural language interface, ZAPSIB; a production rule-based software factory, SEMP-TEC; a subdefinite knowledge base MEMO-TEC; an interactive optimization package, DISO; an integrated environment for office automation, Master with a text editor, Lexicon which is very popular now in the USSR.
Its instruction set is derived from that of the Lilith computer [14] and supports the Modula-2 language.