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A shift in modern anthropology's philosophy may not be the best way to study these ancient cultures.
Anarcho-primitivists draw from modern anthropology, which strikingly supports the Genesis myth on the origins of war, patriarchy and the division of labor that York examines.
Taken together, the sixteen chapters examine a kaleidoscope of views contributed by explorers, missionaries, scientists, imperialists, and travelers concerning "the Other." In the process of describing and classifying what they perceived as "savages," "barbarians," or "primitives," these individuals laid the foundations for modern anthropology.
Nevertheless, the chapters on how Malinowski collected his data and how he worked on them for publication also clearly reveal that he was an eminent scholar and rightly deserves his fame as one of the founders not only of modern anthropology but also of anthropological linguistics.
Modern anthropology found its full expression in the eighteenth century However most scholars failed to recognize their Christian ethnocentric biases and, as a result, extended their Christian theological assumptions into anthropological discourse.
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