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the circumstances and ideas of the present age

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Earlier a Jeep rally was taken out under the auspices of the SCO which passed through various city streets raising the role of the SCO in telecom sector in AJK to inter-link noon and corner of AJK and GB through its swift service of all of its products including land line,, DSL, CDMA, Internet service, 4-g and other domains in line with the needs of the modern age.
Writing in the Health Service Journal (HSJ), Mr Hancock said: "While I am very much driven by the 70-year-old founding principles of the NHS, delivering this mission also means I am determined to seize the opportunities of the modern age we live in.
The aim of arranging this conference is to intensify and encourage the sources of modern age technology and research.He said, Balochistan University has united all institutions on a single platform.
'We will have to produce the quality future architects of the nation to enter the ranks of the developed nations through extending quality education harmonious to the need of the modern age', he said.
New understanding of old truths is at the heart of this issue of Modern Age. Pierre Manent, perhaps the wisest philosopher of Europe today, returns our attention to natural law's foundations in our nature as human beings, with all the limits to our self-comprehension (no less than our actions) that that entails.
These laws allow MCCI to revolutionize the game of sabong in this modern age. The operations of MCCI proved to be a source of much-needed government revenue, both for the national and the local government.
Critique: Although Card Games is a work of fiction, it's a dilemma based on real-life events that happen to far too many people in the modern age. Divided into brief yet intense chapters, Card Games follows the story of Joe, a banker who learns that fraudulent purchases were made on his credit card--and that's just the tip of the iceberg!
Multilingualism in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Age: Communication and Miscommunication in the Premodern World
MNA further said that elders across the Fata have demanded to federal Government for abolishing the FCR and intend it as a dead letter in modern age. Tori claimed that peace has been restored in the central Kurram Agency after a long time and know government should have to begun developmental projects in the Agency on emergency basis.
West Hills, CA, September 24, 2014 --( Modern Age Dentistry has been named the Best of 2014 Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry by West Hills Award Programs.
They are therefore watching the games on TV screens, which, in our modern age of communications, they could do just as easily in the UK, the same as the rest of us.
"I Invented the Modern Age" vividly traces Ford's life in parallel with the invention and lifespan of the Model T, from Ford's first gasoline engine (tested in his kitchen on Christmas Eve 1893) through the intense phase of his secretive competition with other early car manufacturers, to the car's ultimate decline as America's driving machine of choice.
Plans to bring cheques into the modern age could cut the length of time it takes to process a cheque payment from six days to just two.
The Cultural aspect will cover the different manifestations of cultural life in Muscat till the end of the Middle Islamic Age, as well as the cultural manifestations during the modern age and the foreign documents.