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Synonyms for illegitimacy

Synonyms for illegitimacy

the state or quality of being illegal

the condition of being of illegitimate birth


Synonyms for illegitimacy

the status of being born to parents who were not married

unlawfulness by virtue of not being authorized by or in accordance with law

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Modern Law Awards Walker, Suzanne Munroe, and Amy Clowrey Over the past 12 months, Switalskis Personal Injury teams have dealt with landmark cases, receiving national coverage, as well as supporting clients in campaigns to bring about legal change.
Harvey Silvergate holds modern law has been disconnected from common law and due process and can easily be used for control and pinning crimes on the most innocent of people.
He said that "this modern law allows WAFA to enter the information market to sell its services and exchange news and information with Arab and international agencies, which would put WAFA on the first step toward professional development until we have a modern and progressive Palestinian news agency capable of competing against other agencies.
If we are talking about reaching a democratic modern country in September we must remind that media is one of its foundations, the Prime Minister know that without modern law for Media one of the most important foundations of our future state will have a major fault.
I would like to have a modern law enforcement agency, which will be fighting against illegal migration, terrorist threats, drug trafficking etc.
He was a pioneer in how modern law is practiced; developed the modern law firm; was the author of the tight to privacy; led the way in creating the role of the lawyer as counselor; and pioneered the idea of pro bono publico work by attorneys.
The need for a revised and modern law governing the work of the Ministry as well as increasing the powers and budgets of the municipal offices were some of the main demands of the Ministry.
Cato Supreme Court Review: 2008-2009" is a must read for anyone studying the development of modern law.
Other Blackwell legal journals include "Criminology," "Criminology and Public Policy," "The Howard Journal of Criminal Justice," the "Journal of Empirical Legal Studies," "Law and Social Inquiry," "Law & Policy," "Legal Studies," "Law & Society Review" and "The Modern Law Review.
The books covers various topics including how effective risk management systems can help to maximize a firm's profitability; the value of a self-audit and how to conduct one; how the digital age has affected risk for the modern law practice; the main elements of risk management for law firms; and how to implement risk management systems.
Computers are now as much a part of modern law enforcement as the baton, sidearm, radio, and handcuffs," he says.
The press body in Jordan calls on both Houses of Parliament to take this moment of partial reprieve granted by the Senate's courageous stand, and go the extra mile towards enacting a modern law that shows the beautiful face of Jordan as one of reform, grace and compassion, which would reverse the stereotyping we receive in the world as unyielding forces of retardation and regressing.
Clarendon Place has been a superb base for Wright Hassall but our new offices are absolutely perfect for a modern law practice.
In addition to resources to fund law enforcement officers and modern law enforcement technology, he stressed the need for a more holistic solution to reverse the violent crime trends.
Archers designed and fitted out the building as an open plan internal layout, suitable for a modern law firm.
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