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English since about 1450

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For this reader, the book falls short of these promises, though its argument both reveals and fills a gap in the knowledge about early modern English dramas role in the formation of English national identity.
In Chapter 4, Astronomical Discourse in 18th and 19th Century Texts: A New-born Model in the Transmission of Science', Crespo describes how scientific texts written in the Late Modern English period reflect the changes that Science underwent at the beginning of the eighteenth century.
I recommend the now titled The New Fowler's Modern English Usage (first published in 1926, and now in its third edition) as an excellent and acknowledged guide to the standard English of today.
Many place a visible caesura in their modern English lines, while others split their modern equivalents of the Old English line into two shorter lines.
More particularly, John Gillies's 1994 Shakespeare and the Geography of Difference and Garrett Sullivan's 1998 The Drama of Landscape have, among others, been instrumental in positioning early modern English drama within the ways in which the new cartography enabled the imagining of space.
Bovilsky argues that race is multifaceted in early modern English usage: it references bloodlines, gender, class and nationality.
The Rotary Dictionary for Life has a user's guide, a guide to speaking and writing English, modern English and a history of our language.
In the Original Text the tone and sophistication of the original language has been retained whereas in the Quick Text it has been adapted into uncomplicated modern English, but in both texts the visuals add an extra dimension.
Phrasing the New Testament in modern English, and divided into chapters highlighting the most important points, "The New Testament" is an excellent gift for religious parents to bestow upon their children so that they may understand the Bible to the fullest extent.
Word History: The modern English word daisy descends from an Old English word daeges[macron over e]age that means literally "day's eye.
Tim Kendall proposes 'a tradition of modern English war poetry' from the Boer War to the present.
Salzman's study of the history of reading early modern English women's writing has two key features: it provides a general overview of the women writers who have been most studied by scholars for the past two decades, and it traces the trajectories of their readerships from their own times to the present.
Early Modern English Lives: Autobiography and Self-Representation 1500-1660.
Extensively researched, written with a keen eye toward scholarly restraint, and featuring a fair amount of Old English and Latin excerpts in both the original and in modern English translation, Source of Wisdom is an erudite anthology and a welcome addition to literary studies shelves.
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