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English since about 1450

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The NIV Bible is the best-selling modern English Bible eBook and consistently among the top eBooks in all of publishing," said Chip Brown, senior vice president and publisher for Bibles.
The Rotary Dictionary for Life has a user's guide, a guide to speaking and writing English, modern English and a history of our language.
Then the task is to produce a fluent modern version to make sure they have really understood the text, working the Middle English vocabulary and syntax into Modern English.
Phrasing the New Testament in modern English, and divided into chapters highlighting the most important points, "The New Testament" is an excellent gift for religious parents to bestow upon their children so that they may understand the Bible to the fullest extent.
Early Modern English Lives: Autobiography and Self-Representation 1500-1660.
Extensively researched, written with a keen eye toward scholarly restraint, and featuring a fair amount of Old English and Latin excerpts in both the original and in modern English translation, Source of Wisdom is an erudite anthology and a welcome addition to literary studies shelves.
Modern English roses can be regularly pruned, reducing their height by two-thirds and trimming to an outward facing bud.
Shakespeare and the practice of physic; medical narratives on the early modern English stage.
Mr Fisher, who is a lay reader at Edgbaston's St George's Church, said this new rendering in modern English will restore the St Matthew Passion to the impact of its original performances in Bach's own St Thomas's Church in Leipzig, when its language was in a vernacular all the congregation could understand.
Fagles translates the exposition of The Iliad into relatively straightforward modern English, saving the dramatic and poetic muscle for the dialogue.
What can yet another study of crime in England tell us that we don't already know about crime or about early modern English society?
The group conducted research on early modern English and dialects of the Southeastern United States.
Henry Fowler said that he wanted his Modern English Usage to "tell people that altogether is different from all together, or nail alright and all right to the counter, or distinguish accessary from accessory.
Usage guides: Follett's Modern American Usage: A Guide; Fowler's Dictionary of Modern English Usage; Bernstein's The Careful Writer: A Modern Guide to English Usage; Strunk & White's The Elements of Style; Zinsser's On Writing Well; Lauchman's Plain Style: Techniques for Simple, Concise, Emphatic Business Writing.
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