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Synonyms for sedation

a state of reduced excitement or anxiety that is induced by the administrative of a sedative agent

the administration of a sedative agent or drug

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Moderate sedation that was suitable for standing chemical restraint, and physical examination was achieved with diazepam at 0.
refers to the use of moderate sedation and analgesia, and deep sedation and analgesia, in order to facilitate diagnostic or therapeutic procedures
Food and Drug Administration approval in April, is a bronchoscopic procedure routinely performed under moderate sedation with patients typically returning home the same day.
The rules then stipulate the requirements a RN must follow in delivering moderate sedation.
It has been shown to be an effective agent for mild to moderate sedation in the intensive care setting and it reduces the need for opioids without compromising patient comfort.
General anesthesia is chosen when a pediatric patient has comorbidities that are contraindications to conscious or moderate sedation or when timed breathing suspension would assist in improving the diagnostic quality of the images.
Pediatric dentists usually manage minimal or moderate sedation themselves, mainly using nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and/or an oral sedative.
For such patients, traditional patient management approaches fail, and it is common to have mild to moderate sedation approaches fail.
To support that service, new codes were created this year for moderate sedation that allow physicians who are either providing sedation for their own procedure or supporting another physician to get paid," said Dr.
We were cited for not documenting training for moderate sedation for contractor personnel, a small oversight that we have fixed.
Conscious sedation, otherwise known as alert anesthesia or moderate sedation, is a black boxin more ways than one, says Dr.
Maria Teresa remained on a ventilator and under moderate sedation while she recovers from a three-hour surgical procedure performed last Friday to fight an infection after the Aug.
The patient is under moderate sedation or light anesthesia and typically goes home the same day.
It is highly desirable to have the patient with mild to moderate sedation during regional analgesia.
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