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the first widely available automobile powered by a gasoline engine

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John started collecting Model T conversion kits until he had five of them.
Wendel notes in Farm Tractors 1890-1980, "whereby any Ford Model T or Model A could be converted into a small utility tractor.
In fact, sheet metal stamping became such an important part of the Model T that Ford bought the company that did the initial pressings even though it was far more expensive to set up the castings than the process used by car manufacturers up to that point.
The Model T was designed as a minimum viable vehicle.
In fact, there were fewer than 200,000 cars on the road when Ford built his Model T.
The Model T also ended up spurring the growth of America's middle class.
Drawing participants from as far as Australia, Canada, Germany and Britain, the Model T caravan will receive a send-off from a Dixieland band, with Lancaster Mayor Frank Roberts in the lead car for the first few miles.
Participants are expected to include the Model T Club of America, the Model T Ford Club International, Model T Club of Southern California, and the Veteran Motor Car Club of Australia.
Model T Fords outsold their nearest competitor, General Motors, at the rate of five to one.
In 1920 you could buy a Model T Runabout for $500 right in town at Sarasota Sales (which also sold Lincolns and Fordson tractors) on the corner of Main and Orange.
A Model T Ford enthusiast from Wisconsin e-mailed me to point out an error in my Tin Lizzie story in the October issue of Farm Collector.
And Henry Ford launched his new Model A Ford, replacing the highly popular "Tin Lizzie," the Model T, which was made from 1908 to 1927.
Ford introduced his dream car, the revolutionary Model T Ford, Oct.
Ford's famous Model T not only carried farmers and their families to town, church and school, but it hauled milk and eggs, as well as livestock and produce to market, powered feed grinders and cream separators, and even pulled plows, mowers and other implements.
The cars those kids are driving are not the same as the Model Ts and hopped-up roadsters that spawned the first wave of hot rod fever many decades ago.
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