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soft leather shoe


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They lined up against the long bar, in places two or three deep, stamping the frost from their moccasined feet, for outside the temperature was sixty below.
He was no more sober than the crowd above which he now towered--a wild crowd, uncouthly garmented, every foot moccasined or muc-lucked[3], with mittens dangling from necks and with furry ear-flaps raised so that they took on the seeming of the winged helmets of the Norsemen.
Thus young railroad surveyors become "the most forlorn specimens of young manhood I ever hope to see," who throw up their hands and howl upon learning that the Taskers are on a pleasure trip (824); "shy, comely squaws" at Moose Factory dance to fiddle music on "soft moccasined feet" (825); and we are given descriptions of the slates, pencils, and classroom maps used by the Episcopalian schoolmaster there.
the strap of his case, stamped the dust from his moccasined feet, and
"Gotta go," he says, and, before I can say goodbye, he's out the front door and down the driveway, running fast in moccasined feet.