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German mathematician responsible for the Mobius strip (1790-1868)

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To minimise supply disruption and continue providing outstanding service to its customers, Leiters has entered into a collaboration with Mobius Therapeutics to supply Mitosol.
Mobius manufactures and markets advanced intraoperative CT imaging products for use in operating rooms that reduce radiation exposure.
7, the Mobius platform consists of four servers and a MySQL DB.
Audeze has brought the same premium driver technology down to a lower segment with the Mobius. How does an audiophile-grade headset work in gaming?
This connection will make it easier and more efficient for manufacturers and distributors to get their products in front of thousands of consumers through the providers' Webstore where the entire back-end is hosted and managed by Health Mobius. Some of the fully managed services include: building the e-commerce website, updating the product catalog, inventory, online chat, purchasing, sales tax and customer service.
Mobius is truly proud of creating this platform for the people of Haryana.
The Mobius QA software is a 3D dose verification and IMRT/VMAT treatment delivery QA system.
As part of Mobius' succession plan, Stephen Dover, CFA was named chief investment officer of the emerging markets team in 2016.
Liebherr has integrated with the Mobius protocols for its vehicle control interface, rather than establishing a proprietary command and control platform on its own.
29, Mobius, who is executive chair of Templeton Emerging Markets Group, said that in the last half a century, Asean had been successful in cooperating to improve regional trade and investment as well as tourism.
As promised, "Mobius Final Fantasy" arrived on Steam this Monday, Feb.
MilliporeSigma has introduced the Mobius Power MIX 2000 single-use mixing system designed with technology to handle difficult-to-mix buffers, culture media powders and other pharmaceutical ingredients.
The Mobius 2000 Liter Single-Use Bioreactor is a stirred tank bioreactor that provides flexibility by configuring software, hardware, and single-use assemblies for use in suspension and adherent cell-culture applications for drug manufacturing.
Mark Mobius, Executive Chairman, Templeton Asset Management, with a Special Keynote address at the CIBAFI Global Forum.
Developed by Mobius Imaging and distributed by Brainlab, Airo is a 32-slice CT scanner that provides diagnostic quality images for a wide range of clinical applications including cranial, spinal, ear/nose/throat (ENT), head and neck, trauma, orthopedic and general surgery.