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Synonyms for Mniaceae

family of erect mosses with club-shaped paraphyses and the hexagonal cells of the upper leaf surface

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In our study, the FTIR spectra of some species in families Mielichhoferiaceae, Bryaceae, and Mniaceae were similar.
The FTIR spectra of the 16 samples of mosses were recorded in three sets: four Mielichhoferiaceae samples (Figure 1(a)), three Bryaceae samples (Figure 1(b)), and nine Mniaceae samples (Figures 1(c), 1(d), and 1(e)).
Sus revisiones taxonomicas mas amplias son las de las familias Mniaceae, Sphagnaceae, Amblystegiaceae, Calliergonaceae, Climaciaceae y Leucodontaceae, con las que ha contribuido a la Flora Briofitica Iberica que se esta realizando en la actualidad.
Flora Briofitica Iberica: Plagiomnium (Mniaceae, Bryopsida) (www.
Rhizomnium magnifolium (Horikawa) Koponen (Mniaceae)
Genetic diversity of Pohlia bolanderi (Mniaceae), a rare and threatened moss in Sierra Nevada (Spain), estimated by SIR molecular markers.