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Synonyms for mnemonic

a device (such as a rhyme or acronym) used to aid recall

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of or relating to or involved the practice of aiding the memory

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The traditional mneumonic for position reporting is PTA(T)EN: position, time, altitude, (type), estimate, next.
Traditions are often stored in (and performed by) the body through various mneumonic methods and theatrical training; knowledge need not be merely spoken or written--it can be sung, danced, gestured, animated through masks and puppetry, experienced as live, embodied actions.
As she uses it, the term has at least three referents: it is a discursive construct, an "idea of resistance," and a marker or mneumonic of colonial histories of displacement and struggle over territories.
And he meticulously analyzes the structure of representative sermons on discord, pride, and prudence, to illustrate Antoninus's preacherly use of auctoritates, distinctiones, exempla, and mneumonic devices, both in his psalmedic sermons on virtue and (especially) vice that evolved into the fourth and second volumes of the Summa, and in his sermons ad statu that underlie the third tome on the trades, professions, and ecclesiastical offices.
The study Cyberpunk, cited in note 10 above, makes its observations against the backdrop of stories such as Johnny Mneumonic: "We set out to investigate a computer underground that is the real-life version of cyberpunk, science fiction that blends high technology with outlaw culture" (Hafner and Markoff, p.