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Synonyms for okay

being satisfactory or in satisfactory condition

in a satisfactory or adequate manner

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25 MAZ: nineteen: eighteens= 26 MTR: mkay. So that was the student's gue:ss.
Snackable (an easy read) and mkay (OK), joined the online dictionary after gaining widespread use, along with beer o'clock, bants, awesomesauce and bruh.
Mkay? These are just a few of the 1000 new words to find a place in the latest update of OxfordDictionaries.com.
India, June 14 -- MyFirstCheque, a seed fund, announces funding for a web based tech start-up, mKay Innovative Solutions Private Limited, making its second investment since its launch in Dec 2010 (the first one was in MeriCar.com in March of 2011).
Reiterating its role on being the 1st external investor into a start up, MyFirstCheque seed invested in mKay, a tech start-up which aims to provide solutions, services and products for various domains like IT, Education, Legal, Healthcare, Agriculture, Social Welfare, among others under one web platform.
Amy Beaudoin, Jesse Blackman, Asia Colon, Jack Cordio, Lucas Cordio, Lucian DePasquale, Amaya Escobales, Zachary Fowler, Brian Her, Sean Kenney, Sarah Lashua, Megan LeBlanc, Brianna Lincks, Reid Losey, Joseph Martinez Reynolds, Nancy Miller, Mohammad Fuad Mkayed, Tyler Nacke, Alejandra Neal, Jennifer Nowlan, Hyun Pak, James Powers, Haley Ravellette, Shery Sanchez, Cali Secino, Rhiannon Shetka, Nou Thao, Anaiah Thompson, Christopher Torres, Dane Walker, Darius West, Madelyn Worthington-Grimm, Jack Young