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Synonyms for mix

Synonyms for mix

to put together into one mass so that the constituent parts are more or less homogeneous

to take part in social activities

mix up: to take (one thing) mistakenly for another

mix up: to draw in so that extrication is difficult

Synonyms for mix

a commercially prepared mixture of dry ingredients

an event that combines things in a mixture

open (a place) to members of all races and ethnic groups

combine (electronic signals)

Related Words

add as an additional element or part


Related Words

to bring or combine together or with something else

mix so as to make a random order or arrangement

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13]C abundance in breath samples) from the PTTSS was significantly different between the mixed drink and GP trials at 90 minutes (GP: 0.
North Little Rock Restaurants Mixed Drink Sales 2014 2013 Change Verizon Arena $323,030 $228,360 41.
Among adults that consumed alcohol in the past month at restaurants, bars, and other public venues, approximately 65 percent ordered mixed drinks, compared to 57 percent of those who drank domestic beer in the same timeframe.
Often, it's easier to prepare snacks, hors d'oeuvres, and mixed drinks for a crowd than it is to serve a sit-down dinner for eight.
A classic combination that works really well as a ready mixed drink - no nasty surprises here.
It is a reliable guide by the San Francisco writer although my friends--having tried mixed drinks such as Rob Roy and Bolshoi Ballet--have abandoned them in favor of Martinis, Scotch and water over ice, Tom Collins in the summer, sherry, champagne and white wine.
But because coolers typically come in 12-ounce bottles (the same as beer and soda), the amount of alcohol in a serving is generous--more than is in a mixed drink such as a gin and tonic that's made with one ounce of liquor.
This unique "No Bartender Needed" packaging offers consumers the ability to provide drinks for private parties, beach outings, and tailgating without the hassle and preparation required to serve mixed drinks.
We reported 2013 mixed drink sales for the 10 Little Rock restaurants that met two criteria: served mixed drinks and were near the top in food sales.
Eben Freeman, head of bar operations and innovations for the Altamarea restaurant group, said that the mixed drinks have an element of adventure, and people are trying all sorts of things they wouldn't have tried before.
At the same time, the bill increases the sales tax that customers pay on mixed drinks from nothing to 8.
Second, leverage-the strong purchase interaction between Irish whiskey and beer by promoting Irish Whiskey mixed drinks as a trade up option.
While beer drinkers in general have been switching to wine and mixed drinks in greater numbers (see the accompanying story), Hispanics are unusually loyal.
Last year's sales of ready mixed drinks fell by 12 per cent and are expected to drop another 23 per cent by 2007 - total sales are pounds 1.
It is available by the shot, in special mixed drinks and in a 750-ml bottle to go.