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a member of the North American Indian people living in the central Sierra Nevada in California

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a Penutian language spoken by the Miwok


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The Coast Miwok indigenous tribe resided in the San Francisco Bay Area near Muir Woods for over 10,000 years and used the land for hunting, fishing, and gathering (GGNRA, 2017).
Furthermore, IRF includes the following three elements: 1) Pre-visit lessons facilitated by the classroom teacher and NPS staff--emphasizing redwood ecology and the cultural history of Coast Miwok, 2) A three-hour field session in the woods led by NPS staff, and, 3) Post-visit lessons in which students demonstrate their understanding of what they learned.
--Journal #4, Class 1 Students also typically explained learning about how redwood trees thrived (e.g., tannic acid or burls) and/or expressed how Coast Miwok people connected with the land using natural resources.
Second, the Coast Miwok culture lesson also was identified as needing enhancement.
The IRF Parks as Classroom program includes both the cultural history of indigenous Coast Miwok and the natural science of Muir Woods.
The Miwok Indian tribe had long lived there, growing their crops.
For Muir, it was more important to maintain the balance of nature than to allow the Miwok Indians to live off the land.
As to what happened to the precious cargo of the San Agustin, according to Carl Nolte (400th Anniversary of Spanish Shipwreck, San Francisco Chronicle, November 14, 1995), the Miwoks picked up the cargo, slept on the silk meant for the royalty of Europe, ate from the priceless blue porcelain of the Wan Li period of the Ming Dynasty.
The documents also suggest that the Russians and Aleuts treated the local Bodega Miwok and Kashaya Pomo Indians more humanely than did the Spaniards.
The caption reads: "True to form, she's putting on the 'war-paint.'" Juxtaposed beside the car is an umucha, the traditional Miwok dwelling.
(65.) For information on Miwok Big Times and Little Times see James Gary Maniery, Six Mile and Murphys Rancherias: A Study of Two Central Sierra Miwok Village Sites (San Diego: San Diego Museum of Man, 1987), 6-14.
You'll also spot big colonies around Kule Loklo, a replica Coast Miwok Indian village that's about a 1-mile loop hike from the visitor center.
Spirit Rock rests on Miwok territory north of San Francisco, yet there is no acknowledgement of this historical and current fact anywhere either inside or outside of the center's buildings.
As Metis, Tsimshian, Nisga'a, Gitxsan, Innuit, Tlingit, Miwok, Lakota, we are suffering as one heart.