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a member of the North American Indian people living in the central Sierra Nevada in California

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a Penutian language spoken by the Miwok


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In the California case involving the three Miwok orphans, a tribal judge ordered the non-Indian relatives to relinquish the children even though neither the relatives, nor the deceased parents, nor the children, ever lived on a reservation.
1m under the terms of the Debt Termination Agreement that it signed with the Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians (Tribe), on 16 July 2013.
The documents suggest that Timofei Tarakanov offered the Bodega Miwoks "three blankets, three pairs of breeches, two axes, three hoes and some beads" in exchange for access to or ownership of territory that included the future site of Fort Ross, probably in 1811.
Mientras, en el actual estado de California aun ahora existen grupos linguisticos muy variados y diferenciados, como los pomo, hupa, miwok, yurok, karok, yokut, maidu, wintun, yuki y yana, entre otros; varios de los cuales estan estrechamente vinculados a comunidades mexicanas y reproducen las costumbres de estas.
From the Miwok, Paiute and Ahwahneechee of Yosemite Valley, to the Maasai of Eastern Africa to the Adevasi of India, a quest for conservation is creating millions of new refugees.
The authors have collected photographs, artifacts and maps to document the settlement of the area by Miwok tribes, Mexican land grantees and ultimately European settlers and miners from nearby San Francisco.
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When Sir Francis Drake stopped here in 1579 as he sailed around the world, the Miwok tribe had already been living here for thousands of years, as had thousands of Tule elk, a species taken to the edge of extinction in the late 1850s, as hunting and habitat loss took their toll.
A descendant from the Miwok tribe shared stories about the influence of the indigenous peoples on the evolution of Yosemite.
It's a biography of a Native American which adds Marin and Sonoma County history into the wider survey of Indian and non-Indian histories in the area, offering a rare set of insights into the Coast Miwok peoples, their encounters with white settlers and soldiers, California ranchers, and more.
The Miwok Indians used to sing: "Hey, you fog: you'd better go home, the pelican is beating your wife.
That process, incidentally, was not stopped until 1969, when the last free-standing Miwok village was evacuated in Yosemite.
Murphy Ah-Wah Ian Shen Miwok Daniel Lujan Julio Valveras Alex Mendoza Kwai Fa Janelle Dote Lupita, Elizabeth Woodling Tracy Powell Lily Smith Sharon Lawrence Father Ignacio Joe J.
In Drake's account of his encounter with the Miwok, he refuses to be worshipped as a god, but asserts Elizabeth's sovereignty over "Nova Albion.