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Synonyms for mitzvah

(Judaism) a precept or commandment of the Jewish law

(Judaism) a good deed performed out of religious duty

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The purpose of this G-dly plan is to understand and reveal the unity and clarity of G-d through a lifestyle of ethics, morality and observances called mitzvos into life and creation.
A glossary list of terms is included on the introductory page, defining terms such as challah, L'Shanah Tovah, mitzvos, Rosh Hashanah, shofar, and Tashlich.
Simple sentences narrate the day of a young brother and sister as they go to the butcher shop, the fish store, the supermarket, and the bakery with their mother, performing many mitzvos along the way
Doing mitzvos up there / Would be so much fun, / So what would I pack / To get mitzvos done?
Benny's father taught him that life is like an album of mitzvos.
Along with a cheerful rhyming narrative, brightly colored pictures, and suggestions of categories of wonderful things to be thankful for, "Thank You For Everything" has a special glossary at the end defining special Hebrew expressions such as Hashem, Mitzvah or Mitzvos, Modeh Ani, and Shema Yisroel.
There are many references to mitzvos, or Torah commandments, and their importance.