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cell division in which the nucleus divides into nuclei containing the same number of chromosomes

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No mitotic divisions occurred in salinities of 15 or 25 g [L.sup.-1] over the 25 min of observation time, whereas mitotic divisions were found in more than 65% of the eggs in 35 g [L.sup.-1] after 25 min after fertilization.
In early human embryogenesis, in the first few mitotic divisions, chromosome missegregation is very common [32].
Later, by anther mitotic division, an eight-nucleate embryo sac was produced (Figs.
The increased myocyte mitotic division found during hypoxia may aid investigations of CDH neonatal myocardial regeneration.
This showed that the plant material assayed in this study to determine the chromosome numbers Papaver species was most active at this stage of growth showing active mitotic division for easy chromosome count.
MF and MT arrays cooperate functionally during a variety of cellular processes (Gavin, 1997) including orientation of the spindle (Gunderson and Bretscher, 2003) and spindle rotation in asymmetric mitotic division (Schaerer-Brodbeck and Riezman, 2000).
However, at each cell division, DNA polymerases fail to complete a full replication of the telomeres, resulting in cumulative erosion of these tail ends of the chromosomes by approximately 30-200bp after each mitotic division, and this has been likened to a 'biological clock' of ageing reflecting the number of divisions a cell may have undergone.
Arsenite inhibits mitotic division and perturbs spindle dynamics in HeLa S3 cells.
Ultimately, through repeated mitotic division, morphogenesis and histogenesis, the baby is formed which, following birth, develops into an adult.